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Animal Communication – What it’s like to talk to animals (Part 2)

animal behaviour animal communication animal guardians animals clairvoyance emotional messages May 29, 2023
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Welcome to part 2 of my series about animal communication and what it’s like to be able to talk to animals. In part 1, I shared what it’s like to hear messages from animals and this time I’ll be sharing what it’s like when you receive a visual message from an animal. 

The ability to see messages or to have “clear sight”, is known as clairvoyance. I’ve been clairvoyant my whole life, but I didn’t realise that there was anything special about that until I was 40! 

For me, to receive visual messages was as natural as having my own thoughts and it wasn’t until animals really started trying to get my attention, during healing sessions, that I understood that there was an intuitive ability at play. For me, this means that there must be many other people out there who are clairvoyant, but don’t realise it yet. Could you be one of them?

So, what does clairvoyance look like? No pun intended! For me the first signs of this were seeing animals with me, who were not physically with me. They appeared to me as real animals would, with the same movement, behaviour and physical appearance. I could even feel their fur and their warmth. There were some obvious differences though, they were often silent (I wouldn’t hear paws or hooves) and they at times seemed almost like ghosts, their outlines would blur and they would become more transparent. There was also the fact that no-one else could see them! 

I was never alone as a child, there was always at least one dog or horse companion with me at all times! This for me, is still a very normal part of my life and it’s a powerful way that animals communicate with me. 

An example of this is, that if I am connecting with an animal, over a distance, they will show themselves in the room with me or it’s as if I’m seeing them in their home environment. They will greet me, interact with me, sit on my feet and generally show themselves as they would if they were in the same place as me. They could be in a different country, yet they show themselves to me in this way. 

This also frequently happens when I’m meditating or receiving healing for myself, where an animal will come to “visit” me and I’m aware of them in the room with me. 

Another way that I receive visual messages during animal communication, is by seeing images. These can appear like a photograph and are often images of objects like an animal’s favourite toy, their companions, what their birth Mum looked like, or their siblings. What I’ve noticed as an animal communicator is just how good animals are at relaying mental images and memories in this way.

Visual messages can also appear like a movie being played. An animal may show me where they live or where they used to live. They may show me a replay of something that they experienced. This frequently happens for me if an animal has suffered a trauma. One lovely dog I was helping, showed me how a farm gate had swung into his face and caused him a lot of pain, resulting in ongoing jaw issues. This had happened at a previous home before he was rescued by an agency and rehomed. Being able to share what had happened to him, many years before, really helped this lovely dog to deepen his bond of trust with his new guardians.

The images and “movie replays” can be really useful in finding out how an animal feels about a certain place or a person or another animal. I find that these usually come with a strong emotion attached to them too. The visual messages can be very clear and I can feel the animal’s emotions too, meaning that I can receive a very rounded sense of what their life is like, what their life was like, what they like or dislike and what makes them feel happy. 

Can you think of any times when you received a flash of an image or a visual from your animal? Did you recognise that it was a message being sent to you? I’m pretty sure that animals are sending us images of their favourite treats on a regular basis!

If you’d like to explore whether you have clairvoyant capabilities and animal communication skills, my online class, A Beginner’s Guide to Animal Communication is a really great place to do this. I also offer 1:1 Animal Communication training where the focus is on exploring your individual way of receiving messages and helping you to connect with the animals who share your life.

Join me in part 3 where I explore claircognizance and what it feels like to “know” something when communicating with an animal.

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