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Animal Communication – What it’s like to talk to animals (Part 3)

animal behaviour animal communication animal energy animal guardians emotional Jun 05, 2023
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Welcome to part 3 of my animal communication blog series about what it’s like to be able to talk to animals. This time, I’ll be talking about claircognizance which translates as “clear knowing”. This is about receiving messages of “knowing” when connecting with an animal.

Claircognizance is one of those intuitive abilities that I think we all have. I have noticed so many times that my animal communication students possess this gift and that it may be their leading ability for communicating with animals. It’s what I would describe as a gut feeling or a certainty about something that you can’t shake off. It can even feel as if you are being nagged on some level until you say out loud or acknowledge what you “know”.

This often manifests most strongly for many of us, when something is wrong and you might get a gut feeling not to do a certain thing, or not to drive a certain route or not to walk a certain way. Later on, you may hear there has been an accident on the route you were originally going to take. Or you may get that nudge to call a friend and find that they need you and were about to call you. 

Clear knowing can feel quite intangible and as if you have a knowing, or an inner wisdom, but you don’t know why. This often means that we might dismiss these messages or nudges that seem to come out of nowhere. Over the years I have learned to really pay attention to my own nudges and gut feelings. The more I have listened to them, the more aligned I feel in my life. 

One of the big things I have learned from communicating with animals, is to listen to those nudges! Because the nudges are often an important way of receiving a message from an animal. It might be that they can only express to you in this way and they are leading a conversation in intuitive nudges rather than in words!

So, what can this feel like when talking to an animal? Often, it is when an animal is talking to me about their past experiences that I get the sense of knowing that something is true. If they have had multiple homes, their history may be unknown and so when I ask questions about their past, I’m very much relying on their ability to explain it and my ability to pick it up. 

I may get images, sounds, movie like replays and feelings when asking an animal about their past, but what I’ve also noticed is that I get a strong feeling in my gut that a certain thing has happened to them, or that they have been in a particular environment. 

When I’ve shared this knowing with the guardian, they may say that they had some clues that that was the case or that they had a strong feeling about it too. Expressing moments of clear knowing can help to verify what a guardian already intuits about their animal. This, in turn helps to ensure that an animal receives the support and care they need.

This was very much the case with a rehomed cat who had terrible skin issues. He was quite traumatised by his time in his previous home and I had the strong knowing that he had been left outside to fend for himself. There weren’t any images or words from the cat, but I had a strong gut knowing that all had not been well at his home and that he had been shut out of the house. I explained what I had received in the way of communication, to his guardian and almost immediately the cat’s skin issues started to clear up. He had needed his story to be known and acknowledged so that he could start his physical healing. 

I think that as an animal guardian, claircognizance plays a role far more often than we realise. I wonder if you have ever known there was something not quite right with your animal, without necessarily seeing any symptoms, only to have this later confirmed by a vet? I’d love to hear about the times you have felt this knowing and acted upon it.

If you would like to learn how to talk to animals yourself, my online class A Beginner’s Guide to Animal Communication is a great way to start and to learn about the ways that you may be receiving messages from animals. There are exercises to help to open you up to your intuitive abilities and to help you to discover what these are.

Join me next time for the 4th part of this blog series, where I’ll be exploring clairsentience, which is how we may feel an animal’s feelings as part of animal communication.

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