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Animal Communication – What it’s like to talk to animals (Part 1)

animal behaviour animal communication animal guardians emotional May 22, 2023
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Welcome to the first in a series of blogs about animal communication and what it’s like to be able to talk to animals. I’ll be sharing some of my own experiences of animal communication to give you some insights into what it might be like for you if you could talk to animals too.

The good news is that you may already be communicating with the animals in your life! It’s very common for me to hear from people that they are experiencing some of the ways that animals communicate with us, it’s just that they hadn’t realised they were doing it! My hope is, that by sharing some of the ways that I receive messages, it may help you to recognise if you are receiving messages and how this is happening for you.

There are four main ways that we can receive messages from animals. These are clairaudience (hearing messages), clairsentience (feeling messages), claircognizance (knowing messages), and clairvoyance (seeing messages). In my experience, one of these abilities will be more developed than the others and this is your doorway to animal communication.

In this blog I’ll be focusing on clairaudience, also known as “clear hearing”. This is the one that most people associate with communicating with animals, because we all want to hear our animals talk to us! In reality, animals bring us messages in all the ways mentioned above and that isn’t an exhaustive list! It’s also a question of being tuned in to the frequency to be able to receive the messages. Opening up to your intuition and the frequency is possible with practice, although you may find that one sense remains the strongest for you.

Clairaudience can come in different forms. I’m very fortunate in that I hear messages in many different ways, some of which I will explain here. 

  • The first way is that I hear and can interpret what animals are saying. These might be single words, phrases or even sentences where they send entire messages to their guardians. Some animals are more chatty than others. I often get a distinctive voice and sometimes an accent too! This can be a really fun way of getting to know the personality of an animal. A snake that I was connecting with had an incredible sense of humour and came across as a jokey brother would and this really matched the personality his guardian recognised, although I didn’t know that at the time. The words spoken by an animal can be incredibly poignant, funny, warm, direct and to the point (a sheep once told me to stop fussing him!).
  • The second way that animals communicate with me is with whines, meows, whinnies or other animal vocalisations. These can give me a sense of how an animal is feeling. For example, they could be feeling anxious, impatient, sad, needy, confident or happy. These can be literal sounds that are happening when I’m with an animal or sounds that I hear “internally”. Animals often vocalise in this “internal” way when they are trying to get my attention. A very memorable experience of this for me, was when a young dog called Bess barked at me to let me know that she was ready for her healing session an hour before it was scheduled to start. I could hear a dog barking and I kept looking out of the window wondering where the dog was. Eventually I said to my family, “I wish someone would help that dog”, only to find out that they couldn’t hear a dog barking at all! It was then that I realised that Bess was barking at me from 20 miles away! Bess used this way of communicating with me, often after that first time. She knew I could hear her, so why not just bark to get my attention!
  • The third way that animals communicate with me, is through additional sounds. I might be connecting with an animal and hear other noises. This could be other animal vocalisations because they have a friend at home with them, or the sound of something they are scared of, like fireworks or car engines or a noise like a bouncing ball that they associate with play and having fun. 

If you can, take some time to think about the ways that animals may be using sound to get your attention. This may be literal vocalisations, or you may be hearing something that seems to be coming from an inner way of hearing. 

I really believe that we can all talk to animals and that animals are talking to us and sending us messages all the time. Having support to explore and develop your intuitive senses like clairaudience, can be the start of an amazing journey into being able to talk to animals yourself. 

My Beginner’s Guide to Animal Communication online class is the perfect place to start your learning. It includes lots of supportive videos and exercises to do, to help you to open up to your intuitive abilities. 

If you would like to talk to me about whether you can hear the animals in your life, please book in for a chat with me on a free discovery call.

Join me next time for how clairvoyance or “clear seeing”, can play a role in animal communication.

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