"Thank you Susannah for providing 1:1 Animal Communication Healing Sessions. These in depth sessions really helped us gain a deeper understanding of why Sparky was experiencing separation anxiety, quivering, loss of fur and appetite. It was important that Sparky and Us (his new family) were attuned to each other’s energy and given strategies on how to help Sparky offload the effects of neglect and abuse that he and his mother had experienced prior to coming into our family. He is now thriving and living his best life! He loves morning snuggles, going for rides and running full throttle on the farm!"

The Rieken family and Sparky


"Susannah came highly recommended from a trusted, gifted source, and we feel blessed that she has entered our lives – Shirani and Maya, Minchi the cat and Sultana, Spirit and Luna, the horses.

The work, relationship, connection and enhancement of wellbeing for all of us has been inestimable, and it’s hard to accurately summarize the power of her interventions.

Her holistic approach to wellbeing, which includes herbs, essential oils and supplements, an emotional connection and spiritual bridge, has enhanced our relationships, hastened and deepened recovery, held our four-legged friends in a wide spiritual embrace within the universe and facilitated a deep knowing about our animal family.

We have experienced Susannah as unfailingly patient and generous, playful and compassionate, with a massive open heart.

My own session with her to connect with old life scripts and untangle unhealthy bindings was so powerfully cathartic, inspiring and reassuring. In spite of working as a therapist for over 23 years and having had years of my own personal therapy, in one session I came to understand and shift an old embedded trauma that I had struggled with for years.

We trust her connection and feedback completely and would, without hesitation, encourage others to reach out to her."

Shirani Situnayake July 2023.

Shirani Situnayake NCS Accredited, Spirit Project & Horse Spirit Project CIC, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist.


"I first met Susannah when she was practising Zoopharmacognosy, and through her newsletter, came to the thought of asking her to speak psychically to my oldest dog who was 14 in April ’23. Dulcie had had some health problems and accidents in the house etc. and I really wanted to know why, how she was feeling and how I could help her because she still has a good quality of life and just as we all do, she is simply getting old. I have 3 dogs and Susannah has spoken to all three of them now for various differing reasons, and it has been a complete revelation for me. I really did not expect to feel so moved by what they said and how they were feeling about things. I was really quite emotional with their feelings and answers. It has made all the difference to our relationship and the understanding between us all. I have no hesitation in recommending Susannah to anyone and I would certainly ask her to speak to my dogs again, it was a wonderful experience for me and for all three of my dogs.

Bridie Bonello, Dulcie, DixieMay and Seve.


 I want to give a HUGE shout out to Susannah Rafelle for assisting me through a traumatic experience. Even though I am also an energy medicine practitioner and intuitive healer, I needed the outside assistance of Susannah to help me regulate my nervous system after a fire destroyed my healing practice, camper, car, garage and was about to engulf my house when I was awoken out of a deep sleep from a call from my “guardian angel”, my neighbor. Thankfully, I was able to get out of the house and call 911 but the trauma from that night left me paralyzed, fearful and in a chronic state of feeling unsafe. I couldn’t sleep at night, I didn’t want to be left alone and was experience extreme panic attacks and PTSD. Susannah’s soothing energy, kind words and intuitive guidance helped me move beyond the trauma and step into a new state of re-claiming my power and my business! We all deserve to held in a space of unconditional love, compassion and safety and Susannah offered that to me when I needed it most. Love You Susannah and thank you for being you!

Heather Rieken – Soul-led Life Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Return to Wholeness Facilitator – Souly Limitless 


Dear Susannah, I don’t know where to begin thanking you for teaching me. In a short space of time, you revealed to me a gift I never knew I had. You encouraged me in a gentle and fun way and now I have a closeness with my dogs that is deeper than before. In a time where people are beginning to see animals as the sentient beings they are, you and your work is precious. Xx

Di Benjamin – Feng Shui/Space clearing Consultant Healer and TherapistHampshire - UK


If anyone has a beloved pet who isn't feeling too well or you'd simply like to tune into their well-being, I can wholeheartedly recommend Susannah Rafelle.
Susannah is truly gifted with her animal communication and healing skills and assisted our own cat JackJack back to health recently. Forever grateful..🙏💕

Debs Sutton and JackJack - Dorset - UK


"Oh wow! I had such a lovely weekend. Thank you for sharing your amazing teachings. So insightful and you’ve inspired me hugely. I feel like I’ve grown as a person over the weekend and have had some clear visions about what I am going to do moving forward this year which is amazing! I’ve had a couple of really cool things happen too. I was in garden with Mylo (Claire's cat) when I got home and a strong scent of mimosa or wisteria came about and we don’t have any plants that smell of that. This happened in car too and the strong scent of the HOPE spray we used. (I’ve ordered some today!) Also in car on way home from mindfulness and meditation group last night I had the feeling that I can only describe as Wings being wrapped round my shoulders!!! Strange but very comforting. It was just last night I decided I could do mindfulness teaching with children. I’ve since found a mindfulness course where I can then teach children after which really excites me! I’m on a huge learning journey this year and you’ve been such a huge influence in that already. Thank you! I look forward to another course learning and growing more or meeting up soon with you and the other ladies too. Lots of love and thanks x"

Claire Harding - Forest Yogi Minds - Nature, Yoga and Mindfulness for Children - UK


Hello Susannah,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say a HUGE thank you for this weekend...
I loved every single second of it - I feel I have learnt so much and feel that I can trust myself better now as to what comes through...
Your patience and understanding - and joy - in teaching us was wonderful and I wish it had been a week long course so we could all be still going today!!!!!
It was a lovely circle of people, and to be with like minded folks fills me with such happiness..
So - thank you. It was just wonderful and I do so hope to see you again soon, and that we can stay in touch..

Ginny Larsson - UK


Hi Susannah

I just wanted to communicate how much I enjoyed the weekend.   It was lovely meeting everyone (and Izzy of course) and I really appreciated how our ‘visions’ unfolded and the synchronicities that seemed to blend between us. So, my love and thanks to you. Jill xx 

Jill - UK


Just been wanting to tell you what an eye opening, emotional, wonderful, weekend you gave us thank you sooo much.

Paddy - UK


Just wanted to say how much I appreciate this and all your help. Your skills are amazing. I know all the animals have benefited greatly from your work with them and I am truly grateful. Sending huge gratitude and love from us all.

Terrie Celest - Astrologer, crystal healer and sound healer - UK


Hi Susannah. I just wanted to update you with Felix progress. He loves the seaweed oil, goes quite daft over it I’m more relaxed with him, he rubs around my legs and head butts me when getting his dinner. He spends most of the evenings out until bedtime. He comes in when called and then has a mad game chasing his mouse and string. you have helped us enormously.

Mo and Felix – Hampshire - UK


This weekend was something else. We all levelled up and you both made it feel easy and liberating. 

Your energies and your space and your knowledge facilitated such amazing growth in all of us. Everyone has told me how they received so much from being there and we’re all so grateful to have experienced your workshop. 

Ciara - Ascension Coach - Born To be Coaching - UK


Self Selection For Animals have beloved us with all 4 of our guinea-pigs. She found one had chest problems (without me saying he had nearly died because of it!) She seemed to have literally taken the weight of his precious illness way from him. Each piggy had different concerns. One was over anxious and the Reiki helped her to be a confident piggy that loves to be handled now. Elvis seemed over stressed and Self Selection Reiki made him the most chilled boy ever!! Kurt was helped with the loss of his brother. It’s amazing to have the help and support in such a drug free way and given by such a caring soul. It’s something we ALWAYS use for our beloved creatures now.

Lynne - UK


The Animal Communication workshop with Susannah has been a real inspiration to me.  The pace was beautifully set, giving us time to build up our confidence, whilst gently encouraging us to “go for it!”. I’m looking forward to the next workshop already!
Debbie Evans - UK
I went to Susannah’s Animal Communication workshop last weekend. It was a complete revelation. I am still amazed at possibilities and what I was able to do. We had a lovely group of people and it was a beautiful setting. I would recommend this course to anyone who loves animals, whether they work with them or just have pets. It was a wonderful day.
Penny Smith - Dorset
Hi Susannah, Just wanted to say thank you so very much for an amazing day yesterday on the one day animal communication workshop. What a fabulous experience! Thank you for creating such a gentle and positive learning environment.  I feared, prior to the course, that I wouldn’t hear from any animals but was just looking forward to being in the company of people who could!  It was a wonderful beginning to my communication experience.  I am very grateful to you, the other lovely course members and of course to all the animals as well.  I’m really looking forward to learning more in the future and will be practising in the meantime!
Andrea Brown - Dorset
This will be a very cool workshop! Wish I was going to be in the UK then, but returning to the US the week before the workshop. I would highly recommend it to others! (I just participated in a workshop co-facilitated by Susannah last weekend and she is a delight to work with and is very gifted and intuitive and has a special connection with animals). 
Yvonne Cormier - Access Consciousness - UK
I had a fab day with Susannah when I did this training. You will too.)
Juliet Vorster - author - Hampshire
Just a quick note to say thank you for a most wonderful day. I am very tired but worth it. Lovely to be in such embracing,supportive and learned company. Willow says hi! He did indeed have a problem with his head on return which he was not backward in sharing. Once again thank you. )<
Sam Munro - Hampshire
I would like to say that the workshop that I went to run by Susannah was a lovely experience
Carole Wright - Hampshire
I have had the pleasure of working with Susannah on a few occasions and each time was amazing and helpful. xx
Pauline Belben - Dorset
Looking forward to seeing Susannah this evening. If you have any animals in your life you will find this talk incredibly useful. Colin has been so greatly helped from working with Susannah. I highly recommend her.
Juliet Vorster - author - Gosport - Hampshire
I had an incredible life opening time in my session with Susannah and my three cats had lots to say to me during our time with Susannah. I highly recommend Susannah’s healing work for humans and for animals. She’s beyond spectacular with the work she’s mastered called Transformational Body Work for humans and her incredible sensitivity to the animals she connects with brings everyone greater understanding for living together.
Gina Crosheck - Iowa - USA, PrismsScape Gems and Healing Center
This has been one of the most fun classes I’ve ever attended!! I love working with the guest animals and people’s special pets via distance. What a great teacher and fun people to learn with.
Kristin Ann Wieland - Iowa City - USA, Tango Healing Arts
Susannah, remember to mention he has stopped biting me! This only started after Bruce’s passing and I think he felt he had to test me because he thought I would get rid of him or not love him anymore. After the healing he was able to express himself but also to understand he was not going anywhere! He is now a happy, contented boy  x
Charlotte Erika Walker - Animal Helath & Healing UK - Dorset
Thank you so much for your beautiful healing to Bella.
Honey Lovell - Dorset
Bella is doing a lot better since you saw her – she even sits quietly now when we eat!
It was a beautiful and powerful session and I will keep you up to date with the longer term developments that come out of this. Both Susannah Rafelle and Kristin Wieland were fantastic and I highly recommend their services – who could turn down being closer to their pets and a stunning picture too! Thank you both x
Helen Leach - Dorset
I am really looking forward to this event – Susannah is a very talented animal healer and communicator and the opportunity to spend a day working with her will bring lots of insights as to how to communicate with your own pets and other animals around.
Sarah Haywood - Dorset, Aspire2bFree
Last weekend I watched Susannah Rafelle from Self Selection For Animals communicate with and offer Reiki to a dog she had never met before, during a talk she was giving at the Mind Body and Spirit Experience in Wickham, Hampshire. She subsequently shared information about Rosie, the dog, that only the owners knew. It was a very powerful experience and those present at her talk would doubtless agree with me about the emotional energy in the room. It was quite wonderful.
Brightwater Reiki - Hampshire
Susannah, what a wonder you are! My momma cat, Missy, who was a true farm cat for five years felt very skittish around George and me when she first came inside with her kittens. Since the attunement you gave us, she’s much easier around us and allows many more pets and is even willing to have a bit of a lift! Thank you so much for your help with our relationship.
Gina Crosheck - Iowa - USA, PrismsScape Gems and Healing Center
I’m so looking forward to finally meeting you in person. You have helped my doggies, Kiyoshi and Nike immensely. They are much more relaxed and confident dogs after sessions with you. After being attuned to them we are closer and our communication is much easier. My neighborhood marvels at how well behaved they are.
Jennifer Farrar - Iowa - USA, Healing Peace Within
I highly recommend Susannah at Self Selection For Animals to help your pets if they are suffering. She is a wonderful healer and amazing with helping them select their own natural remedies through zoopharmacognosy.
Emma Penman - Dorset, Emma Penman
Susannah is a wonderful healer – your poorly pets will adore her and will feel so much better for a session with her.
Deborah Robinson - Hampshire
Susannah Rafelle and Kristin Wieland this boy is now a very happy cat after seeing you both for his pet attunement/totem reading.
Charlotte Walker - Animal Health & Healing UK - Dorchester - Dorset
I have in the past experienced working with two other animal communicators, but working with Susannah took the work and my understanding to a completely different level. The level of communication she is able to achieve has on occasions been quite literally breathtaking and left me in awe. This combined with the powerful healing she channels and her absolute love and respect for all those in her care, her knowledge and understanding of Zoopharmacognosy, make it not only a privilege to know her but to recommend her to all, animal or human.
Ruth Steeds - Romsey - Hampshire
Thank you Susannah Rafelle for a wonderful unique evening@Rainbow Unity Group. It was so lovely to see how Daisy responded and I totally agree she is a star and I felt that she was aware of all the love in the room for her. A return visit next year would be wonderful. Lots of love and Rainbow smiles.
Marilyn Brown - Dorset, Rainbow Unity Group
Daisy and I want to say a big thank you to you and the group for creating such a lovely space. She lapped up all the love and attention!! Such an enjoyable talk too Susannah Rafelle very inspiring!! Daisy sends her warm hugs and love.
Margaret Berlanny - Dorset
Thanks for your amazing talk!
Charlotte Walker - Dorset
Thank you Susannah for providing us with a wonderful evening. It is surprising what hurts still lurk inside – it was good to release and let go. I wish you well with your workshops and know that many people will benefit from your loving caring energy and persona.
Sarah Haywood - Dorset, Aspire2bFree
Hi All. I went to one of Susannah Rafelle ‘s workshops a little while ago. Now my granddaughters, quite poorly cat, has a glossy coat. She was very timid, now is, as my 10yr. old grandson says, she is now, happily, one of the family. A must if you have an animal that is under the weather, but you can’t quite tell what is wrong. I was able to talk to the cat and find out what was wrong. Thank you Susannah Rafelle.
Pauline Belben - Dorset
I heartily recommend Susannah, she has made such a difference to myself and my little dog Louis.
April - Ferndown - Dorset
Susannah is amazing with animals and I would recommend anyone with pets scared of the fireworks, or who are struggling in some way, to get in touch for an appointment.
Ken - Bournemouth - Dorset
I am so looking forward to working alongside a most gifted healer and Reiki Master, Susannah (Self Selection For Animals). Together, we’ll be continuing her (and mine, no doubt) development as a Reiki Master/teacher. Who will learn more, “pupil” or “teacher”, I wonder?!
Deborah Robinson - Hampshire
First rate service for both animals and us humans.
Lee Harris - Bournemouth - Dorset, Pal4Paws
Thank you to Self Selection For Animals…Susannah. Your attunement to my bees has really helped us to bond and work easily together, we seem to all be thriving. This attunement and healing has changed my life as well as my bees and I am so pleased!
Kristin - Iowa - USA
I thought I would give you a wee update on Jake. He has been doing really well since you communicated with him. He is much more alert and ‘in the moment’ which is lovely. He loves the spirulina. (the photo below is his first attempt at eating it and putting it all over the kitchen!) He still has a bit of an issue in the car but I sit with him and it’s like he is talking rather than screaming now which is a big improvement too. All in all, things have been great. He hasn’t had a fit since before the session but they were really erratic so we will have to wait and see how he goes. Thank you again for all your help.
Linda Mitchell - Dundee - Scotland
Susannah has taught me so much, giving me a greater understanding of not just my own pets but all animals and humans come to that! She continues to be a brilliant teacher, imparting snippets of her knowledge and wisdom, always in such an interesting yet simple way, never forceful over bearing or condescending. She works with you and them, there is no hierarchy. The animals are the masters of their own healing and know exactly what they need to do it. Susannah uses her knowledge and gifts to allow them to communicate this to her, she then teaches how we can learn to do the same.
Ruth Steeds - Romsey - Hampshire
Thank you for an interesting and informative evening.
The Friendly Dog Club- Barton-On-Sea - Hampshire, The Friendly Dog Club
I had the pleasure of working with Susannah for a few days last month in Glastonbury.  I have recently become a beekeeper in Iowa and wanted to find a way to easily connect and communicate with my bees.  Susannah offered to attune me to my bees and we did a small meditation and healing near the hives at the Abbey House in Glastonbury. Susannah is so gifted and sweet. She helped my Queen Matilda and the whole hive to connect easily to me, giving us the ability to communicate clearly. They were able to express their needs and their excitement to work together with me and ever since then I have been having profound experiences connecting to my hive and to other bees that I meet in the wild. We have been exchanging love and healing, gratitude and messages to help each other along the way. Susannah was able to answer my questions about what plants my hive prefers to have near them and what crystals they would like to work with to help make their lives easier and more fun. I am so grateful to have met her and to have had the pleasure to work with her. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to easily connect with their pets and animal friends.  I know I will be calling on her services regularly as her gift is immense. Thank you Susannah from myself and my bees! You are dearly loved by all of us.
Kristin Ann - Iowa City - USA, Tango Healing Arts
Just want to say a big thank you for the treatment I had with Archie (was Fletch). We had the Zoopharmacognosy and the Animal Communication. He seems to have responded well to both. The dominance issues have almost gone and he is much calmer on the whole. He also seems much calmer with other dogs, such a relief. Thank you again.
Ali Baverstock - Bournemouth - Dorset
I feel so blessed to be doing this healing work with animals. A big thank you to Anne-Marie and her beautiful Bengal cats Sabre and Storm for my latest testimonial – Hi Susannah, who knew that sunflower oil would help my boy Sabre to heal himself, you did! Hooray, that means our butter is now safe. So, a huge thank you from my boys Sabre & Storm and myself to you for your healing of us all.
Anne-Marie Smale - Ferndown
With Susannah there is no question of trust, it’s just there from the moment you see her or speak with her on the phone. She is one of those people, one we rarely meet, who you just know in an instant, is a gem and have complete faith and trust in. Animals and humans alike cannot fail to be moved by her innate knowledge, deep understanding and absolute compassion. I feel blessed to have Susannah in our lives and safe in the knowledge that any challenges any of us have to face she will be there for us.
Ruth Steeds - Romsey - Hampshire
I have had Susannah, who practices zoopharmacognosy come and see my dog Holly. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to help their pet holistically.
Maggie Baker - Christchurch - Dorset
Susannah has supported my animal family over the last few months… my elderly sheep on both physical and emotional levels, helping with communication, bodywork in strengthening and pain relief with the beautiful oils. Quite an insight to find my beautiful ram was drawn to vanilla pods and seaweed :). My rescue sheep have had some trauma and the gentle healing has had profound effects on their well being, helping them to move through some of their feelings. They were both so clearly engaged in their process and settled really quickly. Susannah has also had time with my feline family, supporting emotional needs. Her collaborative and gentle approach works on so many levels and its clear from the outset that a strong trust is built… I have also gained so much knowledge and confidence in how to work with both the messages received from them in communications sessions and the different oils to continue with the healing. Susannah is our trusted healer .. thank you for your great care and gifts.
Clare - Sway - New Forest
Thank you for an incredible evening of animal healing & connection – Animal Communication talk 5.5.16.
Anne-Marie - Dorset
It was an amazing night, fun, informative and quite magical! Thank you – Animal Communication talk 5.5.16.
Tracy - Bournemouth
So… I really can’t get enough of this spirulina!!! Thank you for yesterday…me and my mom will keep you posted on my progress. Love Mollie.
Le'ah Johnson - Bournemouth
Thank you for today. Porter is so chilled it’s unbelievable. He’s calm and not even barking at the door. He’s just calm, no other words for it really. He’s eaten his tea and now just snoozing. Thank you.
Claire Godding - Boscombe - Dorset
When we first adopted Merlin, he had been cruelly injured prior to being rescued. Although obviously a friendly dog, he displayed high levels of anxiety, in addition to the physical injuries – gunshot wounds – he had suffered. Susannah worked with him from the first day of his adoption and she was able to help him towards a relatively speedy recovery combining the use of Applied Zoopharmacognosy with her skills as an animal healer. She also helped him significantly to cope with his anxiety and to settle into his new home. More recently, Merlin became very lame and after repeated veterinary tests it was discovered that he had developed a cancerous tumour in his left hind leg. We were advised that amputation was the only realistic course of action to give him a chance of survival. Given his previous history, we were very concerned as to whether he would be able to overcome a further serious trauma. Once again, I asked Susannah to help him. Whilst the excellent veterinary care he had received ensured he had the best chance of a physical recovery, post operatively he became very withdrawn emotionally and his normally enthusiastic spirit was noticeably depressed. Susannah visited Merlin on a number of occasions and it quickly became apparent that he was feeling real benefit from the sessions. She used various methods of healing with him, but we found that Transformational Bodywork Healing and Animal Communication were the key to helping him. Within a week of Susannah’s intervention, the sadness he had been experiencing started to lift and we knew he was on his way to a complete recovery.
Susan - Bournemouth
Look at my chilled poppit this morning after his treatment for firework worry yesterday. Percy seems soooooo relaxed today and we are stocked up with oils to continue to support him as the fireworks continue! Yes a HUGE display yesterday again…bless him. Thank you for everything yesterday Self Selection, especially all of your time with him to make sure he was ok and had everything he needed. You’re such a star and we ALL appreciate it.
Lynne - Wimborne
Susannah has helped my animals and myself hugely. Her amazing gift to communicate with animals has enabled me to help my snakes with various problems. I suspected my 2 female snakes had post natal depression, after they each gave birth to a large clutch of babies. One in particular went from being really laid back, happy to be handled and easy going, to not wanting to be touched, being anti social and hissing all the time. She was clearly unhappy. Susannah was able to find out how they were feeling, what they needed and how they could be happy again. Using her self selection technique (Applied Zoopharmacognosy) the snakes were able to pick which essential oils were needed to help them to feel better, with Frankincense proving to be a big favourite. She also gave them Transformational Bodywork healing which compliments the self selection and vice versa. This cleared anything negative surrounding the problem and gave them the extra boost they needed, bringing them back into balance and enabling them to become friendly and relaxed once again.
Terri - Energy Healer - Dorset - Solar Soul
For some unknown reason Tigger would not allow you to stroke her lower back or back legs. She would immediately swear at you and grab you with all her claws. Again this is how it had always been with Tigger and the ‘norm’. After another session with Susannah, Tigger was ready to reveal and heal the memory of certain traumas she had experienced. It was so sad, I was in tears, but now I understood why she so hated having her back and legs touched. From that day on she has not only allowed but enjoyed being touched and stroked! So one doubly happy catty.
Ruth Steeds - Romsey - Hampshire
Dear Susannah, I just wanted to say thank you so very much for my beautiful goddess attunement. I really have felt so different all week and every time I do any energy work now it has heightened all sensations. I am calmer, happier and grounded. I’ve even been able to give some thought to where I’m going with my energy work. That attunement was something very special. I have never felt anything like it before. I have honestly never ever experienced anything so powerful and so beautiful and so healing. I cannot stop smiling.
Claire - Bournemouth
Susannah has an amazing affinity with animals. If your pet needs a boost, or any kind of help, call Susannah.
Martyn - Bournemouth
Tigger was a really affectionate cat, but unpredictable and often lashed or just took off at times. My other cat Toffee, who is Tigger’s sister, was always wary of Tigger, as she would just lash out for no apparent reason. She always swore & lashed out at poor Toffee if she tried to come in the back door, or come within a few feet of her. Tigger saw Susannah several times and each time more was revealed by her explaining certain aspects of her behaviour. Each time Susannah did the work with her, Tigger’s behaviour changed. On one such occasion, that very same evening, I opened the back door for Toffee to come in, which she did only to see Tigger walk calmly up to her and rub very lovingly all around her face then her whole body! Knock me down with a feather doesn’t cut it …. I was completely blown away by this transformation, not to mention Toffee who kind of froze and looked at me as if to say ‘WHAT is going on Mum?‘ From that day on she never swiped out at either of the dogs either! Magic!
Ruth Steeds - Romsey - Hampshire
Susannah has helped me with some health issues and I continue to see her every few weeks for Transformational Bodywork Energy healing, to sustain the wellness I now have. My main problem has been my depleted energy, creating many additional problems. Susannah has been able to tell me what the causes may be. Not only has she helped me physically but she has given me guidance of how to help my health and any changes I needed to make. I’d recommend anyone to book a healing session with Susannah whether it be for something specific or something unknown, I guarantee it will help your overall wellbeing, body and mind.
Terri - Energy Healer - Dorset - Solar Soul
Over 3 healing sessions, Susannah has, by my request, worked on one specific area of my being, which was holding me back from moving forward in life and during these sessions my transformation has been positive, strong and most importantly felt; the area of concern no longer exists in my daily life.  Susannah has a deep rooted kindness which embraces you and remarkable abilities in this energy work field.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Susannah’s practice and experiencing Transformational Bodywork with her.
Colin Bloomfield
Its amazing to have the help and support in such a drug free way and given by such a caring soul. Its something we ALWAYS use for our beloved creatures now.
Lynne - Dorset
I have a tortoise who decided to sneak off in the garden when I wasn’t looking. After 3 nights of not finding her, I called on Susannah for her help. She was able to communicate with her and find out where she was and that she was safe and a bit annoyed that I’d left her (I’d been away on holiday, leaving her with a friend to care for her). The following day she returned home! I also have a python called Leo who clearly had a rough life before he came to my home. He recently started to ‘attention seek’. So, I asked Susannah to have a look at him, using Animal Communication and Transformational Bodywork Distance Healing. She was able to find out his story and we discovered how he was abused when he was very young and how this was contributing to his flighty and unpredictable behaviour. She gave him an exceptionally long healing session which has resulted in him becoming so calm, that it is as if he has transformed into a different snake. It is very obvious now he is content and happy after just one session.
Terri - Energy Healer - Dorset - Solar Soul
My cat Tigger had developed a reaction to fleas. I could not use the usual preparations from the vets as I am sensitive to chemicals. I tried several natural treatments but when in the spring a flea epidemic occurred nothing seemed to work. Tigger’s coat gradually fell out and sores appeared all over her poor little body. It was at this time I discovered Susannah. I thought it brilliant that she was coming to see her in her own home and that made complete sense. Tigger was not always very sociable and had most definitely been the boss! Susannah instantly connected with Tigger and then slowly began to offer her various oils and plant preparations and patiently watched and waited for Tigger to let her know which of them she liked and needed. As the oils were introduced Tigger lapped them up from a very close distance, ending up with 8 – 9 different ones at a time and was clearly in cat heaven, wallowing and purring! When Susannah left us after that first visit Tigger was a much happier cat. Not only that, her skin had visibly improved, the open sores no longer red and angry and she was contented in herself. I proceeded to treat Tigger as Susannah had shown me and over the next few days her skin healed and her coat started to grow back. One happy catty & owner!
Ruth Steeds - Romsey - Hampshire
Dear Susannah, this is a thank you for all the work that you’ve done with Bones – he is a much calmer and happier dog now. I am also grateful for all the “2nd hand” healing that I’d received when your were working with him (I refer to the “synchronised falling asleep with the dog” incident). It was great observing the sessions – I’ve learned a lot and am now more aware Bones’s needs and more importantly, what I can do about them. I am sure, we will be seeing each other again! Lots of love, Julia
Julia Surnina - Dorset
Applied Zoopharmacognosy – I have known Susannah for a number of years and she has been helping my very troubled little dog, Daisy, who is thought to be in the autism spectrum. Daisy is afraid of the world and even the tiny bottles of oils or containers of powders were a threat in her eyes – but Susannah’s calm and gentle approach eventually allowed her to build up Daisy’s confidence. It has been hard for Daisy to relax enough to approach the bottles and containers in order to select what she needs and when she shows a preference she prefers to try their contents from Susannah’s hand rather than from a dish. Susannah has been endlessly patient with her and Daisy is always so relaxed during her visits and when she has gone. I can see a change in Daisy’s behaviour since Susannah began to help her and think that the products used have enhanced her life and built up her confidence. She no longer appears to be sad – which was awful to witness. Reiki – Susannah has been giving and sending Reiki to my small dog, Daisy, who is a troubled soul and wary of anything that involves people getting too close to her – the fact that Susannah can offer this help to her without actually touching her is of great benefit. This was particularly so when Daisy had slipped a disc and allowed Susannah to get really close to her – she visibly relaxed and whilst not cured was certainly more comfortable until I was able to get her to a vet for diagnosis. She then had 6 months cage rest and Susannah continued to help her with visits and at a distance. Susannah is a gentle, empathetic person who I would trust implicitly with my dog and myself – we enjoy her visits and have very calm hours once she has gone. She is knowledgeable and keen to share her skills to enhance the lives of people and animals.
Sue Dennett - Ferndown, Caring Canines
We feel we are so very lucky to have had you helping our beloved creatures. You have helped all four of our guinea pigs, Elvis, Kurt, Betty Boo and Too Ticky and now our new arrival, Percy the Cairn puppy. We have all been amazed at how the creatures have self-selected different oils. It’s so incredible to watch how they either go towards something or move away from it. You, Susannah, are so calm and gentle with them and you have such knowledge, telling us throughout it all, what each oil is for and why they may have picked them. With our latest family addition, Percy, you kindly came over the day after we got him. We were very upset by taking him away from his siblings, mummy and first family. It felt very cruel and we could only imagine the worry and upset he must be going through. You were so gentle with him and softly spoken. Percy began to relax and he self-selected Neroli, Vetiver and Violet Leaf. Each one you explained, were often selected by animals experiencing loss, separation or change. You placed oils on his bedtime blanket so that he could smell them and help him to feel settled and secure. He takes his blanket everywhere now and we always find him asleep on it. It was marvellous, as we were told to expect crying all night for the first week and we haven’t had it! We are totally thrilled that the oils have helped him and that he has settled completely with us. All because of you, Susannah. You have helped with all of our guinea pigs. Not only with the oils but with Reiki healing too. We were especially amazed that you picked up on Kurt’s chest problems. You felt that he had had real difficulties. You didn’t know that he had been extremely ill. We thought we might lose him to it, earlier in the year. (He had started to hibernate after suffering a respiratory illness when the weather had suddenly got very cold). On another occasion, you were able to help him with the oils through the grief he suffered when dear Elvis passed, which we were truly grateful for. So sad. You have also managed to change the behaviour of one little nervous piggy, Betty, into a calmer one. Again, you encouraged her to self-select different oils. We love to watch how they start to sniff the bottles and sometimes have a little lick. Then they will turn away from others, even to the point of turning completely around and running off! How do the animals know what they need? They have no preconceptions about what is going to happen. You have been AMAZING with all of our pets and they feel so comfortable in your presence. What a gift you have Susannah. The way you are with animals and people is something that can’t be taught. You just have it in bucket loads. Thank you so much for your continued visits and support for our little companions. We are only too happy to have you help our dear friends.
The Witt family - Wimborne
Susannah has been helping my animals with various conditions and behavioural issues over a number of years and I have no hesitation in recommending her to prospective clients. She is calm, patient and caring in her manner, both with the animals concerned and their humans. I have experienced good results from her methods, from helping my very reserved elderly mare with arthritic problems, to the various issues experienced by my dogs, including kennel cough, a false pregnancy, an adder bite, fear of fireworks and helping a badly injured rescue dog to recover and to settle in to his new home. It is very interesting to see the self-selection method in operation, to see the eagerness of the dogs, in particular, in either choosing the oils or accepting alternative healing and it is very rewarding to witness the benefits they experience.
Mrs S Greenwood, Bournemouth
Susannah’s lovely, sunny personality delights everyone. She has been a very welcome addition to some of my meditation groups. Her glowing presence is a great asset for healing work, and her already considerable intuitive faculties will enhance, and her skills will widen, now that she is taking the Transformational Bodywork course. Highly recommended!
Charmian Winser, Poole, The Light Centre
Namaste. Susannah is one of those unique people who is at home as much with animals as with humans. She has a soft and gentle touch and is intuitive when working on both. Susannah and I used to attend the same Reiki circle at Moontree in Boscombe. She has a very distinctive approach to Reiki, and it was always wonderful feeling her loving, healing energy when she worked. I have known Susannah for several years and I always leave her company in a less stressed state than when I arrived. If you have a pet that needs help, or indeed you need help yourself, I can highly recommend a session or two with Susannah, to work out a solution. All Love, Light & Blessings
Martyn Evans - Reiki Master/Teacher - Bournemouth