A Beginner's Guide to Animal Communication with Susannah

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If you love animals, you will love this class!

This online class introduces the ways that animals communicate their messages with us and the ways in which we may pick up on their messages. If you are new to animal communication, this is the perfect place to start your learning, with easy to follow exercises and meditations, designed to build your confidence and to help you to explore your abilities. 

In this class, I will take you through meditations and exercises that can help you to open up to your intuition and learn how to ground yourself and your energies. I will also show you how to connect with my main animal communication guide, Archangel Michael. These are all important techniques that assist in being able to talk to animals. You will also experience a meditation to meet an animal, as well as a practice animal communication session, via a photograph of an animal well known to me, complete with supportive feedback. 

If you already have some experience of animal communication, this class can help you to build your confidence even further and deepen your understanding. It brings the opportunity to practice your abilities, as well as teaching you some new techniques for your animal communication practice.

Wherever you are on your animal communication journey, I would just like to say that "I believe in you"! I believe we all have the ability to connect with animals deeply and to experience animal communication. This may look different for each individual and this class can help you to understand what your abilities are and to explore how they can help you to help animals.

Animals need more animal communicators in the world! Will you take that step towards helping animals to feel heard and understood?

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What this class includes:-

  • Online module class that can be accessed any time after purchase.
  • Easy to follow modules that can be learned in 5-15 min segments.
  • Possible to complete the class in one day if you are keen!
  • Learn the ways in which animals communicate their messages.
  • Learn the ways in which we may receive these messages.
  • Why grounding is important.
  • Grounding meditation.
  • What is intuition?
  • Meditation to open you up to your intuition.
  • How to work with an animal communication guide - Archangel Michael.
  • "Meet an animal" meditation.
  • Animal communication practice session with an animal known to me, via a photo.
  • Feedback on your practice session.
  • Ways to practice.
  • Next steps.
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