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Animal Communication – What it’s like to talk to animals (Part 4)

animal behaviour animal communication animal energy animal guardians animal healer emotional energy healing Jun 11, 2023
White dog sat in car

Welcome to part four of my animal communication blog series about what it’s like to talk to animals. This time I’ll be exploring clairsentience, which is also known as “clear feeling”.

Clairsentience can be one of the most immediate ways of receiving a message from an animal. If you are a sensitive person with a kind heart and empathy for others, it’s very likely that you are already able to feel the emotions of animals.

For me, this can be a feeling of anxiety or sadness or excitement that I recognise is not my own emotion. It feels very real and it’s a question of working out how I actually feel and how I felt before connecting with an animal, so that I can sort out what is my emotion and what is theirs!

One of the most common times that I experience the emotions of animals is when they express sadness at leaving their birth Mums or when they are grieving the loss of a friend or family member.

I recently experienced this when I was communicating with a young pony. He was behaving in an out of character way, following the loss of his friend. This friend had been his replacement Mum when he left his family herd and the loss of him, triggered feelings of grief, anger and sadness.

He had adjusted well without his Mum, as long as his friend was there, but with his unexpected passing, this young pony was feeling very insecure about who was around him and what his new life would look like without his support. All of his emotions about leaving his Mum surfaced with this additional grief. Being able to express how he felt about all of this eased his heart and supported him in moving forward.

When I experience clairsentience, it can also be that I feel the physical pain or discomfort of an animal in my own body. They are very good at showing me, “It hurts there”. This can be very helpful in knowing where to direct healing and can give some clues as to why they are behaving in a certain way. It’s not a way of diagnosing illness, but rather a way of understanding what help might be needed and whether something like headaches are causing behavioural issues.

One story I would like to share here, that shows how clairsentience can play an important part in animal communication, involves a young dog called Bess. Bess was only a puppy when she began to react to cars passing her when she was being walked on a pavement beside a road. She would suddenly rush at them barking, causing her owners great concern that she would be hurt. She would also react if she heard one when she was in the garden and would look for a way to exit the garden and give chase.

Via distance animal communication sessions, Bess and I spent time talking about why she was reacting in that way. She showed me that it wasn’t really aggression that she was expressing, but a deep fear of cars.

Bess showed me that she found the smell of the rubber and petrol very distasteful and it upset her when she smelled those pungent smells. She showed me this by conveying the smells to me, so that I could smell them too. This intuitive sense is known as clairolfactance, or “clear smelling”. The fact that the cars were moving, was triggering her natural instinct to give chase to something she didn’t like. In her words, “I’m seeing it off!”

What made this even more complex, was the fact that she was sensitive to the stress and aggression being unwittingly conveyed by the drivers as they rushed past her. What Bess sensed and heard when a car passed her, were the emotions of the drivers. It was this that was overwhelming her senses most of all. For her a car was a noisy, smelly, deeply disturbing emotional box that needed to be chased away from her so that she could stop feeling so many emotions.

What an insight this was, into what animals may be picking up from humans! It was a potent reminder that animals are very sensitive to the emotions of others around them. It hadn’t occurred to me, until that day, that emotions can be projected onto animals that we don’t even know and that we can be driving around, feeling all of our own stress and anxiety and be transmitting it like a de-tuned radio!

My solution to help Bess was a new step for me in the way I communicate with animals. I came up with the idea that I would spend a few days with Bess travelling with me as a virtual companion in my own car, talking to her about the drivers only being people and showing her how to be safe around cars. It was fascinating to connect with Bess in this way. I would show her how nice car drivers can be and made a point of thanking every driver I encountered on those drives.

For Bess, who was sensitive to the emotions of others, she needed to understand that all beings “feel” and that it wasn’t her responsibility to take on the emotions of others or to react to them. I was so glad that she could show me her own feelings and the feelings she was picking up from others, because it meant that I could really help her on a deep level. To my delight, her guardians reported a huge change in her behaviour around cars and she became calm and unconcerned on her walks and started to ignore cars that passed by the garden.

Learning animal communication can be a very helpful way to explore whether you are sensitive to the emotions of animals and also whether you are sensitive to the emotions of other people. Learning how to discern which are your emotions and which emotions belong to others, can make a huge difference to how you manage your energy and can help you to avoid feeling overwhelmed, like Bess was feeling.

My Beginner’s Guide to Animal Communication is a great starting point or if you are aware of feeling that sense of overwhelm in your life, my Animal Communication 1:1 is a great way to work with me to find a way to work with your sensitivities.

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