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Love and Gratitude for the Animals in Your Life

ageing animals animal communication animal in spirit journal love meditate oracle cards relationships Jan 19, 2024
Lady writing her journal while communicating with her dog

At the start of each New Year I love to spend some time tuning in to what I feel the overarching “theme” will be. I meditate, journal, reflect and use oracle cards and crystals to deepen my understanding of what my main focus will be.

Last year was about “lightness of being” and it really helped me to move through what proved to be an ever changing, exciting and sometimes challenging year (I think many of us felt that!), with grace and trust that I would find the lightest and easiest pathway in life.

This year it’s all about “Love, love, love”! I have to say this makes me extremely happy! Love for our animals, love for all animals, love for each other and love for life. How perfect is that? “Love is all we need”.

I know that some of you are entering this New Year having experienced recent losses and I’m sending love out to you. Love is our reason for sharing our lives with extraordinary animals and is also why we feel their losses so deeply.

I feel that giving our love to the animals in our lives is one of the most beautiful parts of life on this planet and so it is always worth it, even if we can’t physically be together. Know that animals feel our love even when they have moved into spirit and that continuing to send them love is a beautiful tribute to your relationship.

As we move from one year into another, it’s a beautiful practice to spend some time journaling about what last year represented in terms of the relationships you have with your animals. It can bring up some wonderful memories and bring deep gratitude for all you share with your animals either here or in spirit.

I’d love to hear about your reflections on last year and your intentions for the year ahead. If you have any questions about journaling and tuning in, please get in touch.

Animal communication is a wonderful way to let your animal know just how much you care for them and it’s a lovely way to start your year together. If you have experienced the loss of a beloved animal, an Animal Communication in Spirit session can help by enabling you to connect with your animal and to send messages of love to them.

Find out more about Animal Communication

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