Animals in Spirit

My heart goes out to you. If you are reading this, you have probably lost your beloved animal or you are preparing for them to depart. I know what this is like and you don't have to experience this alone. My animal communication sessions for animals in spirit or at their transition can help to support you and your animal at this difficult time. It can help as a step in your grieving process.

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Animal Communication for Animals in Spirit

Saying goodbye is likely to have been the most difficult moment in your journey with your animal. You may feel guilty and paralysed by grief. You may worry "are they ok?"

An animal communication session that connects you with your animal in spirit can bring enormous comfort and answers to any questions you have. It can support you in your grieving process.

I've been there myself and have said goodbye to many special animals in my life. Being able to offer support in this way to grieving animal guardians is one of the most special ways I can offer my gifts.

You will be met with love, compassion and understanding. I can help you to talk to your beloved animal in spirit and realise that they are not so far away after all.


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Animal Communication at End of Life.

Would you like some support going through this difficult experience? You can be sure of a kind, compassionate, heart-led communication and healing with and for your animal. 

Pass on any messages of love you have, say goodbye and ask any questions of your animal before they depart.

Please contact me to arrange support.

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