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Animal past lives, animals in spirit and animal transitions

animal communication animal guardians animal healer animals animals in spirit crossing over elderly animal past life experience past lives rainbow bridge Feb 08, 2023
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As I continue along my path as an animal communicator and animal healer, I find that I have more and more extraordinary experiences with the animals that I help. This includes receiving communications from animals who have crossed over, sending healing while elderly beloved animals sadly leave this world, seeing their family members coming to be with them as they transition, as well as animals sharing past life experiences with me.

Animal past lives and connections from animals that have crossed over, may be a difficult concept for many animal guardians to accept. Perhaps it is for this very reason, that more and more animals are coming forward to share their stories, seeing me as a voice for them. It’s not always easy to put it into words, but I do it with the knowledge that the animal has a need to speak and to be heard.

I find that an animal shares a past life with me, when they need to clear a trauma that is affecting them in this lifetime. A behaviour or fear may be rooted in an incident that happened to them in a past life. In these cases, being able to share what happened to them and have it acknowledged by me and their guardian, has enabled them to let go and heal from this past life, bringing change and improvement in this lifetime.

Animals who are ready to cross over, have brought through images of their animal family members waiting for them. In one case where I supported a beautiful dog called Jake with his transition, he showed me his Mum and siblings waiting for him and keeping him company during his final weeks.

This was so comforting for his human Mum and Dad, and they had the amazing experience of feeling another dog around Jake. One night it felt as if a large dog had jumped onto the bed beside them and Jake, as they sat with him.

So, it is no surprise to me now that animals who have crossed over are making themselves available for communication! I do this with the utmost care and respect, knowing what it is to lose a much loved animal and wanting to support the animal’s guardians. These animals in spirit are able to communicate with me as clearly as those who are still here, showing their personalities, sharing memories and wanting their guardians to know that they can still choose to connect their energies to this world.

I feel guided to help all animals, including those who have experienced trauma, those who are preparing to sadly leaving this world, as well as those who have already left and wish to connect with those they have left behind. I feel very blessed to have the trust of the animals that I help and to be able to bring them and their guardians some peace.

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