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Healing and Animal Communication with Stingrays in Western Australia

animal behaviour animal communication animal healer energy healing stingray western australia Mar 28, 2023
Susannah animal communication with a Stingray in Hamelin Bay, Australia.

One of the biggest highlights of my trip to Western Australia, was meeting and connecting with wild stingrays at Hamelin Bay. The stingrays are often seen there in the mornings, close to the shoreline in the shallow and very clear water. I was lucky enough to see them on two visits to the bay.

Seeing one of these magnificent creatures, gliding just under the surface of the water, is like being transported back in time. You can feel just how ancient a species they are.

The stingrays were patient, curious, friendly and playful. They came very close to where people were standing and seemed to really enjoy coming to connect with people.

It’s important to note that stingrays have long stingers lying along the top of their tails and a sting from one of those is very painful and can even prove fatal. As with any wild animal, they need space and a healthy amount of respect too.

It was an interesting experience as some people wanted to get as close as possible for a photo (human nature!) whereas others were very aware of the rays being wild creatures and needing that space. What I witnessed was incredibly gentle interaction from the rays and that they were actively seeking out closeness with their visitors.

One of the stingrays was very large, measuring about 1 metre in span and longer in length. He was the most playful and curious, coming closest to the shore and flapping his fins, or gliding along lifting a fin, as if in salute.

One of the smaller rays had a large wound running down his back and although it appeared to be healing well, he came close to me, over and over, to receive healing. The wound felt a little sore and tight, as well as itchy.

He behaved very much as many animals do when I offer healing, approaching me and becoming still, then moving away to process the healing, before returning to ask for and receive more healing energies. I was aware of a release of tension and trauma from his body. He repeated this for ten minutes before heading out to sea.

What an absolute privilege it was to be trusted by a stingray, to offer healing and support for wellbeing! I travelled to Australia, hoping to meet a variety of wild animals and to help any who asked for help. I was so very lucky to have this experience with stingrays, as an animal communicator and healer on holiday!

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