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Merlin’s Miraculous Recovery – A Rescue Dog with Gunshot Wounds - Part 2

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Susannah with black and white pointer dog

Merlin, a rescue dog who had suffered neglect, abandonment and life threatening gunshot wounds, was responding incredibly well to his Applied Zoopharmacognosy sessions. The sessions were providing him with the opportunity to self-select natural plant remedies, including essential oils, that offered him emotional support as he adjusted to his new home, restoring his trust in people and starting his recovery towards full health.

Merlin was soon able to successfully self-select his own natural medicines for his physical problems as well. He was very interested in Seaweed absolute which has the ability to bind with heavy metals such as lead, helping them to be expelled from the body. It's also a valuable wound healer, helping to heal abscesses and draw out foreign materials from infected wounds.

Merlin repeatedly mouthed the bottle of Seaweed absolute but didn’t appear to want to lick the oil. He did however want to have it dripped directly onto the wound on his broken toe, which had been stapled by the vet. He indicated this by moving to put his foot as close to the bottle as he could manage and standing very still while it was applied.

He then self-selected Green Clay powder to be applied to the wound on his toe as well. Green Clay also has the ability to draw out toxins and to bind with heavy metals, helping them to be excreted from the body.

Merlin then wanted to lick 4ml of Seaweed absolute, after initially not wanting to. His priority was to have it applied to his wound and then he was interested in self-selecting it in a new way. He then enjoyed licking green clay powder mixed with olive oil, barley grass powder and spirulina, all of which provide a wealth of nutrients. These all became firm favourites over the coming days.

Merlin had the Seaweed absolute and Green Clay applied to his wound daily. Sometimes Merlin wanted Seaweed absolute applied to some of the wounds on his head and ears as well. He also self-selected Yarrow (anti-inflammatory and wound repair), Wintergreen (pain relieving), Peppermint (nerve repair and cooling) in a Dead Sea Mineral Mud base, which is another remedy that can help to draw out foreign matter. He wanted this applied to his broken toe daily, avoiding the wound, as well as to his ears and throat where the pellets could still be felt.

Merlin made a truly miraculous recovery! Only ten days after his toe had caused so much concern, he had the staples removed and was allowed to start gentle walks. He no longer needed an amputation and all signs of lameness had vanished. On the same day it was noticed that seven of the pellets in his ears and throat had disappeared. They could no longer be felt under the skin and the remaining three pellets felt to be much smaller and softer. It seemed that the lead was dissolving under his skin.
Merlin’s strong interest in his favourite remedies lasted for three weeks. As he returned to health both mentally and physically, he naturally stopped wanting or needing the remedies.

Within one month, Merlin looked and behaved like a completely different dog than the one who had arrived at his new home. He adjusted to his new family, his two new dog companions and his new life very quickly and his Mum said that he is friendly, outgoing, extremely bouncy and loves long walks and cuddles!

Merlin’s case was so unusual and important in showing how lead can be detoxed from the body, that he features in Caroline Ingraham’s groundbreaking books “How Animals Heal Themselves” and “Animal Self-Medication”. I highly recommend these books for any animal lover.

If you are interested in learning more about Applied Zoopharmacognosy and how it may help an animal in your life, please contact me or book a discovery call with me to talk through how natural plant remedies and healing can assist your animal.


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