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Holistic help for ageing animals. Where my passion for helping older animals began.

ageing animals animal communication animal healer applied zoopharmacognosy arthritis horse older animals self selection Dec 01, 2023
Old horse in field after animal healing

When I started out on my healing journey, it was all for the love of a horse. Her name was Amy and she came into my life when I was 11 and she was 7 years old. As Amy aged, she did so very gracefully and very gradually. I don’t think she thought of herself as “ageing, senior or elderly”, in any way, judging by her enthusiasm for life!‌

Amy and I had been together for 25 years when she became incredibly lame with arthritis. It affected her so badly that she had to be on full time stable rest and she was very unhappy with this sudden change in her life. She had gone from living outside with her long-term friends and going out on walks and rides to see the forest, to being inside and being in pain. My best friend was extremely unhappy.

‌This was a shock for both of us and I was extremely worried about her physical, emotional and mental state. I sought out complementary medicines that could help to alleviate the intensity of her arthritis, because she had reached the maximum dose possible of veterinary prescribed medication, with only a mild improvement.‌

Luckily, I had already signed up for an Equine Applied Zoopharmacognosy class with Caroline Ingraham. This training was life changing and the timing was extraordinary. I went away hoping beyond hope that I could come home with some solutions. Amy proved to be amazing at self-selecting her own natural plant medicines. She self-selected essential oils and herbs that worked in harmony with the medication she was taking, enhancing her pain relief, so much so, that she was able to re-join her friends in the field within just a few days. I had a very happy horse! I was enormously relieved and very grateful.‌

Amy lived to be 35 and a half and I put this down to really listening to her needs on a daily basis, in those last years of her life. Enabling and supporting her choices of essential oils and herbs was a huge part of this. She continued to self-select these each day for 3 and a half years.‌

Amy’s needs as an older horse were different each day. She had firm favourites in her essential oils, but even these were chosen in varying quantities. One of the most valuable things about that time with her, was spending extra time, slowing down and just “being” with her. I learned so much about her needs by quietly observing her and enjoying her company. I believe that the more we can share time with our ageing animals, the more we can feel what they need from us and the more we can know them and notice their changes.‌

Amy was a clear communicator. She was sensitive to her environment and her emotions, from being a young horse. It was clear when she was happy or unhappy and knowing her for so many years, helped in finding out what she needed. Reiki healing was something that she loved and I found this very helpful in helping her overall health and wellbeing.‌

My love of the “oldies” is heartfelt and profound. They hold a very, very special place in my heart and because of this, I offer a range of animal communication and animal healing that looks to support an animal through their older years and through to end of life and transition. I know just what this is like, having walked the path myself and I’m here to offer compassionate and gentle healing and animal communication so that this part of your journey with your beloved animal can be supported.

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