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Animal Communication and Transformational Bodywork Healing for a nervous snake

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Leo was a snake

Leo was a snake who was very jumpy and nervous about being handled or approached by his guardian. He had a particular fear of being in his vivarium. He had come to his new guardian, as an adult reticulated python, from a previous home where he had lived most of his life in total confinement, in a small and bare vivarium, with nowhere for him to hide away. Consequently, when Leo arrived at his new home, he became very alarmed at being in his vivarium, despite the fact that it was much larger, with plenty of places for him to hide under branches and other natural plant material. He would bang against the glass when put into it, desperately trying to find a way out.

To help Leo to recover from the emotional trauma he had suffered from being continually confined, his guardian allowed him a great deal of freedom. Sadly, Leo remained very nervous and would hide away whenever they came into a room that he was in. He needed to be returned to his vivarium regularly to maintain his body temperature and physical health, but being in the vivarium was clearly affecting his mental and emotional wellbeing. His guardian asked me to offer Leo Animal Communication and Transformational Bodywork healing to look at ways to ease his distress.

Leo was so nervous of people, that distance healing was the kindest method of communication and healing to use in his case. He was so keen to communicate and to receive healing, that he didn’t wait for me to tune in to him at the arranged time, instead he tuned in to me the very next morning!

I find that this very often happens when an animal is ready to face their fears and to receive healing. I woke up with the awareness of Leo’s energetic presence with me. As I tuned into him, I could feel that he was very anxious and afraid. He showed me how he was feeling, filled with a panicky urge to flee and hide away. I was aware that his guardian had collected a new snake the previous day and I could feel that he was worried about what this meant for him. Was he being replaced by the new snake? This fear had triggered his need to connect with me so urgently.

As I reached out to Leo with Animal Communication, he withdrew his energy from me and showed himself hiding away. I told him that it was safe to talk to me and that he was very loved. He gradually “peeked out” and allowed the connection to develop between us. When I reassured him that he was not being replaced by the new snake, Leo said to me “I like it here. I have freedom. They understand me”.

He then showed me himself aged around 7 months old, a long time before he came to his new guardian. He was being roughly handled, squeezed and having his tail pulled. His little mouth was gaping open in fear and shock. He showed me that he had hated confinement in a small vivarium and had felt rising panic at being misunderstood and at being stuck in a situation that was making him so unhappy.

I prepared to send healing to Leo, by grounding us both and putting energetic protection in place and as I did so, I saw an emblem, featuring the head of a bull with an eye between its horns. Leo then showed me a scene from a past life he had lived as a human boy in Egypt.

I was shown a suffocating scene, where violently swirling sand was surrounding the figure of a teenage boy, who was struggling to walk and repeatedly falling to his knees. As I tried again to put protection in place for Leo, all I saw was a swirling cone of sand. It was constantly collapsing in on itself before swirling again.

I felt that this cone of sand, swirling and falling, represented instability in Leo’s aura and protective field. In my experience, instability and imbalance in an animal’s aura and chakra system can be the cause of feelings of anxiety and an inability to feel safe and grounded. I often find that by clearing and balancing the aura and chakras, an animal is then able to relax, becoming calmer and more focused in their everyday lives.

The sand storm also described a past life trauma that helped to explain Leo’s panic in being confined. The confinement in this lifetime was bringing up the trauma from being in such a suffocating storm in a past life.

As Leo showed me the basis of his fears, Transformational Bodywork Healing started to flow through me, to him. The healing flowed through his whole body as he guided me to where he needed it most. Leo said, “I like being with my new family” and he gave a huge sigh and I felt an emotional release from his heart. There was a sense of relief as Leo recognised that he was happy in his new home.

Leo then received healing to balance and clear his chakras (the energy centres in the body) and his aura. I found that Leo’s sacral chakra was completely dislocated and twisted out of place. Fortunately, it eased back into it’s correct position quite quickly and I linked it to his other chakras.

I felt that this dislocation of one of Leo’s major chakras had hindered his ability to feel safe, bringing a sense of detachment and difficulties in “belonging”. It could also explain his flighty behaviour, as it would have restricted the natural flow of energy through his body, creating feelings of anxiety.

His solar plexus increased in vibrancy, which should help Leo to feel more confident. More of Leo’s chakras, including his base, heart, throat, brow, crown, earth star and causal, all felt very lethargic and some of them had shut down and appeared cold and unresponsive. I reactivated them and linked them back to the other major chakras. As I did so I could feel a steady increase in Leo’s energy and some of his chakras showed a new vibrancy of colour. After this, his aura looked stable and became coppery orange in colour and was pulsating rather than fluctuating. It felt as if Leo was being recharged. Leo then indicated that he had had enough healing for the time being. He had stayed with me for 75 mins of Transformational Bodywork Healing for Animals and Animal Communication.

Only 3 days after his distance healing, Leo’s guardian reported some remarkable improvements in his behaviour.

“Thank you so much, Leo is now very easy to handle and doesn’t freak out. He’s not jumping everytime you walk past his vivarium or trying to get away when picked up. He’s like a different snake!”

Leo continues to be far more relaxed about life and is now choosing to socialise more with his new family, rather than hiding away all the time.


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