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How Animal Communication can help you and your animal

animal communication animal guardians animals Aug 12, 2023
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Imagine for a moment that you can know what your animal is thinking or feeling. How would that make you feel? How would that enhance the relationship that you have with your animal? How would that help you and your animal? Animal communication can be the bridge that takes you on a journey from not knowing, to knowing, how your animal truly feels and what they are thinking.

I know, that can seem incredible, especially if you are new to the idea of animal communication. However, one thing I know for sure, after a lifetime of being able to talk to animals, is that they are trying to communicate with us and are seeking that deeper connection that animal communication can bring. I have yet to meet an animal who said, “no thank you”, to the opportunity to talk to their loved ones through me!

One of the big reasons that I’m so passionate about animal communication, is because every time I use animal communication in my sessions and teachings, I see it deepen the love and trust shared between a guardian and their animal. I see it bringing changes in understanding that help to release anxiety and uncertainty. Animal communication is the most impactful way of saying “I love you”, to your animal. This is because you are taking the time to ask to hear what your animal thinks and feels from their point of view and to get to know them in a different and deeper way.

Let me ask you this, how many times have you wondered what a certain look or behaviour from your animal means? Is there a look that seems really intense and as if your animal is trying to say something to you, but you just can’t get what it is? Or maybe you are noticing a pattern of behaviour or anxiety that is impacting on you and your animal, but you just can’t figure out why they are behaving that way?

Being able to ask them what that look means, why they are behaving in a certain way and what it is that is affecting them, and then receiving answers and insights, via animal communication, can bring deep understanding and a way forward in helping and supporting them. When you know why an animal is behaving or reacting in a certain way, you are empowered to start making little changes that benefit both of you.

Sometimes, an animal is distressed or anxious about something that has happened to them or about circumstances around them. This may be something that happened to them before they lived with you. Or it could be something that is happening now in your life, that is having an impact on them. This could be something like home renovations, moving house or new additions to the family.

Distress or anxiety can even be an echo of a past life that your animal has lived. It can be that an experience or emotion from a past life is being felt or replayed in their memory and is manifesting in their behaviour in this lifetime. Whatever the cause or root of distress or anxiety, animal communication can help to unlock what is creating upset from any time in an animal’s soul journey.

I find that when an animal has the opportunity to share and be heard by their loved ones, through an animal communication session, this can help to heal whatever it is that is bothering them. Being truly heard and understood, by their loved ones, brings massive healing for an animal. In addition, animal communication gives the animal’s guardian an understanding and insights that can be deeply healing for the relationship they have with their animal. It can bring you even closer together, even if that didn’t seem possible!

Animal communication can support an animal at any stage of their life, from being very young, to old age and even end of life. It can help an animal to feel safe through every life change, through growing up, illness, moving homes, gaining or losing family members, ageing and exciting or unexpected events. It can also support an animal guardian through the same life changes, helping them to know how to best navigate them for and alongside their animal.

With animal communication and the opportunity to talk about things, you can walk through the changes of life with your animal, knowing that you are enhancing and nurturing that special love that you share. It helps you to share your lives and your experiences fully and to achieve a deep and lasting love and trust that can bring you so much joy in knowing that you’re living your best lives in partnership and as family.

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