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Animal Healing - When the Demo Dog lets you down!

applied zoopharmacognosy cat dog essential oils mouse self selection Jun 25, 2023
Black spaniel sitting on grass with leaves

For my very first animal healing demonstration evening, I needed a reliable canine companion who could help me to demonstrate how animals are able to self-select their own natural plant medicines (also known as Applied Zoopharmacognosy).

Bailey, my friend’s adorable Working Cocker Spaniel was the ideal candidate. The demo session was being held in his own home and he knew most of the people who had been invited, so he would hopefully be at his most relaxed. Bailey loved people, which together with all of the attention that comes from a room full of dog lovers, seemed to offer a doggy paradise for him. He was the perfect demo dog. Or so I thought.....

I hadn’t factored in the six cats who lived with Bailey....or the mouse!

Just as I opened my mouth to speak to those who had gathered to learn about animal healing, Bailey leapt into action. His focus was not however on the bottle of essential oil I was holding but was placed firmly under the sofa. Huffing like a pair of bellows, Bailey traversed the bottom of the sofa, peering intently under it. His owner calmly announced that there must be a mouse under there. Nothing else warranted this level of scrutiny.

There was a moment of confusion. People pulled their legs and their handbags out of the way. Multiple pairs of cats eyes opened, some looking amused. Bailey’s owner tugged alternately at the furniture and at Bailey, as his hunt became more physical. We were told that the cats occasionally brought a live mouse into the house, partly for their own entertainment when everyone else had gone to bed and partly to watch the dog on high alert.

In an attempt to draw the evening back on track, I confidently produced a bottle of Hemp essential oil, explaining that it can help to bring a distracted animal back into focus with it’s calming and relaxing properties. Bailey, to his credit, did leave the mouse under the sofa and came over to me to inhale the hemp oil. He took two enormous snorts of the oil, his eyes glazed over and he took himself off to bed....where he stayed for the remainder of my animal healing demonstration evening!

Feeling a little frazzled and recalling phrases such as, “never work with animals and children”, I looked down to see my friend’s 21 year old cat sitting at my feet.....

The demo cat did a fabulous job!.....

We never did find the mouse!

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