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Can my animal feel what I am feeling?

animal behaviour animal communication animal energy animal guardians animals cat dog domestic animals emotional Aug 02, 2023
Cat paw on adult human hand

The truth is that animals are very sensitive to human emotions and they often pick up when we are sad, upset or angry. If we don’t let them know what’s happening and the reasons for our emotions, they can sometimes feel they’ve done something to cause it or start behaving in an out of character way.

A good example of this is, is that if you are feeling very stressed about a situation, maybe something from your home life, your dog or cat may start to behave in an anxious way or start to change their toileting habits or become destructive.

Take a moment to think about how your stress can impact on you and the people in your life. If you are stressed, does it affect your sleep pattern, or affect how you cope with everyday life? Perhaps you are easily triggered and feel upset and out of sorts?

The people in your life pick up on an increase in your stress levels because of the way you are behaving and speaking and even have the sense of an energetic tension, because you can’t hide the difference between feeling relaxed and feeling stressed and who can?

The thing is that animals feel the tension, notice changes in routine, are aware of impatience, anger, upset and stress levels changing. They also pick up on human body chemistry, which changes with added stress. They are intuitive and sensitive and pick up on the emotions, the physical changes, the voice changes and the mental processes that happen with stress.

If you are stressed, you will hopefully be verbalising this with the people in your life. If you are an animal parent, it’s also very helpful for your animal if you explain to them what is happening to you. Taking the time to let them know that you are feeling stressed and that it’s not their fault, can mean that you have a more settled animal. Letting them know the reasons for your stress can help them to cope and adapt while this is happening.

If you’re going through an emotional or stressful time, it can be very helpful to have an animal communication session with your animal, to explain what you’re experiencing and to give them the opportunity to understand. Having an animal communicator as your “go-between”, can help the messages to be fully delivered and helps you to understand what your animal is experiencing too. This supports your relationship with your animal and hopefully avoids them from developing any anxious behaviours.

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