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Animal Communication – Talking to and listening to animals

animal communication animal communicator animal healer animals domestic animals Mar 15, 2024
Lady communicating with white horse

I have a small confession to make…I talk to animals! They connect with me while I’m on a walk or when I’m washing up. They wake me up in the night if they need something. They join me during healing sessions and meditations, sitting on my feet, lying next to me, or huffing down my neck.

But these animals are not physically with me, even though they often interact with me as an animal would do in person! They are with me in their energy forms and connecting with me on a soul level. They may be living a few miles away from me or much further afield, in another country. I find that distance really is no barrier to animal communication and animal healing.

Sometimes, those who pop in to say hello, are animals who have crossed over and are visiting in their spirit form. They join me to bring messages through for their families and to enjoy healing energies from an even greater distance than those who still have a physical form.

These animals communicate with me in a variety of ways. I’ve found that animals are extremely good at finding a way to get their messages across and that I have different ways of receiving their messages. These are the main ways the messages are being communicated and received between us:


I hear and can interpret what animals are saying. This could be a single word or whole sentences, where they send messages to their guardians and family through me. They also communicate with me with whines, meows, whinnies or other animal vocalisations. These sounds can often give me a sense of how they are feeling, be that sad, needy, confident or happy, for example. They often vocalise in this way when trying to get my attention.

A young dog called Bess used to bark at me from 20 miles away, with such clarity that I would look out of the window, wondering where the dog was, before recognising that the bark was for me! Bess used it as her way of signalling to me, that she was ready for some distance healing and animal communication.


This is a real sense of knowing that an animal is with me and that they are connecting with me. This is accompanied by a strong sense of the animal’s personality. As soon as I am asked to help an animal, I get a sense of who they are, well before it’s time for their session. This is often backed up by them popping in to visit me during a meditation before their appointment! They seem to find it really easy to connect and to make their presence known in this way. I feel that this is because they are open to being helped, they have something to say and they are also eager to be better understood by the humans in their life.


Once the connection is made with an animal (and it can be as brief for me, as just thinking about them), I see images in my mind or moving sequences like watching a home video. They show me flashes of their lives, such as, what happened when they were frightened, happy memories, places, objects like their favourite toy and pictures of other animals, their siblings or what their Mum looked like.

One lovely dog called Jake, showed me his Mum and his brother, waiting for him in spirit as he reached the end of his natural life. I was connected with him, in healing and communication when he passed away, and he showed me himself running free in the fields with his family as he left his physical body.


Animals can convey their feelings to me and these can be emotional or physical. They can give me an idea of why they are behaving a certain way or what is troubling them. We can discuss why a certain thing bothers them and find a way for them to perhaps view it differently.

Bess, the dog mentioned above, was terrified of cars. She would rush at them barking, causing her guardians great concern that she would be hurt. Via distance animal communication sessions, we spent time talking about why she was so scared.

I was shown that Bess found the combination of the smell of the rubber and petrol, together with her sensitivity to the stress and aggression being unwittingly conveyed by the drivers as they rushed past her, overwhelmed her senses. She was being affected by smell, noise, movement and feelings.

My idea was to spend a few days with Bess travelling with me as a virtual companion in my own car, talking to her about the drivers only being people and showing her how to be safe around cars. To my delight, her guardians reported a huge change in her behaviour around cars and she became calm and unconcerned on her walks and ignored cars that passed by the garden too.

This is just a taste of what my life is like as an animal communicator! I have found that it’s amazing what a difference it can make to listen to an animal and to hear what life is like from their point of view. They are so willing to develop their relationships with their families and to have a say in guiding their own healing. It’s also so empowering as an animal guardian to be able to have this deeper understanding and connection with your animal. When you are able to take their needs and perspective into account, it helps you to find a new way forward in helping your animal.

If all of this is lighting up your curiosity about animal communication, there are a number of options open to you. You can take a class with me and learn animal communication yourself. I have a really enjoyable and easy online instant access class called a Beginner’s Guide to Animal Communication, that will help you to understand the basics and get started.

You could also learn animal communication with me 1:1 which is a great way of getting plenty of support from me, to fast track your learning, with exercises and meditations designed to help you to connect with your animal on their wavelength.

An animal communication session with me, for you and your animal can help to open up a whole new conversation between you. I’m always delighted to help guardians and their animals to connect on a deeper level of understanding with one another.

If you would like a chat about animal communication and how it can help you and your animal, please email me or book in for a free discovery call.

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