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Who is Susannah the Animal Communicator? Five Fun Facts About Me.

ageing animals animal communication animal communicator childhood memories dog goldfish horse pony Jan 05, 2024
Susannah with brown and white pointer

I thought it might be fun to start off the New Year with some insights into my early life as an animal communicator and healer. I have always been absolutely obsessed with animals and many of my early memories revolve around them.

  1. The first animal I can remember! This was a German Shepherd Dog called Rex who belonged to the janitor of the block of flats I was living at. I would have been 2 or 3 years old, because we moved away from there when I was 3. I remember Rex as a big dog with a big personality!
  2. My first animal TV memory. This was Black Beauty! Again, I would have been only 2 or 3 years old and I can remember the opening sequence of the show playing on tv, where Black Beauty was galloping down a hillside. I was crying because it was bedtime and I wanted to watch the horse!
  3. My first animal to care for. This was a goldfish imaginatively called Steveannah because I shared her with my brother!
  4. My first animal communication I can remember. There are two that stand out. One was with a pony that lived in a field that we used to walk past when I was very small. I can remember chatting away to this pony and that he seemed to be responding to what I was saying. The other is of me chatting away to woodlice! I would put them in a matchbox and make up adventure stories about them!
  5. My first pony ride. This was on a pony called Crunchie. He was a little grey pony who was 11 hands high. He had been a prize winning gymkhana pony. He was already in his late 20’s when I met him and he lived to the amazing age of 42! I can remember riding him along a gravel track and watching his little pricked ears, because the instructor was telling me to focus on his ears and not on the floor, as that’s where I might end up if I looked down! I can remember telling him stories as we walked along.

I’d love to hear about your childhood animal memories!

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