Animal Totem Intuitive Art

I just have to share this mesmerising video of Kristin Wieland of Tango Healing Arts drawing an Animal Totem in real time. There is so much healing energy in watching the Animal Totem unfold and the music by Chimney Choir creates the perfect setting to unwind and meditate.

I had the amazing opportunity to have my […]

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Have Our Pets Been Here Before? Pet Past Lives and When Our Pets Leave Us.

As I continue along my path as an animal communicator and animal healer, I find that I have more and more extraordinary experiences with the pets that I help. This includes receiving communications from pets who have crossed over, sending healing while elderly pets sadly leave this world, seeing their family members coming to be […]

Top 5 Natural Remedies for Dogs with Ear Infections, Fungal Ear Problems and Sore and Itchy Ears.

Does your dog have ear problems at this time of year? Canine ear infections, fungal issues and sore and itchy ears can be aided by Applied Zoopharmacognosy. This holistic method enables your dog to self-select their own natural medicines, such as beeswax and rosehips, providing natural antibiotics and a boost to their immune system. Boosting your […]

Talking to the Animals! – Animal Healing Podcast Interview

I had no idea that being interviewed would be so much fun! When Carly Hawthorn of DimensionsAndBeyond RadioShow approached me to talk about Animal Healing, Animal Communication and Applied Zoopharmacognosy for her podcast, I found myself saying yes, before I had really considered what this meant. It turned out that it was a chat in […]

Animal Healing – When the Demo Dog lets you down!

For my very first animal healing demonstration evening, I needed a reliable canine companion who could help me to demonstrate how animals are able to self-select their own natural plant medicines (also known as Applied Zoopharmacognosy).

Bailey, my friend’s adorable Working Cocker Spaniel was the ideal candidate. The demo session was being held in his own […]

Animal Communication – Talking and Listening to Animals

I have a small confession to make…I talk to animals! They connect with me while I’m driving the car, wake me up in the night if they need something and join me during healing sessions and meditations, sitting on my feet, lying next to me or huffing down my neck.

But these animals are not physically […]

Healing for Guinea Pigs – 5 steps to help them “Squeak with Contentment” with essential oils and herbs.

Even our smallest furry pets have the ability to self select essential oils and herbs for their emotional and physical wellbeing. Healing for guinea pigs is a wonderful way to increase their confidence around people and to help them to be calmer and friendlier when handled. I work with essential oils and herbs, in a […]

How Applied Zoopharmacognosy can help your Cat – wounds, fleas and eye infections.

Applied Zoopharmacognosy is an evolving science. Each individual animal that is offered natural remedies and plant extracts, brings new information to the forefront by the self-selections they choose to make. As an Applied Zoopharmacognosist, I am always keen to document each new piece of evidence, helping to map the benefits of enabling our domestic pets to self-select their own […]

Applied Zoopharmacognosy – How essential oils, herbs and natural plant extracts can help to soothe the symptoms of Canine Hayfever

Learning about Applied Zoopharmacognosy and how animals know which plant extracts can help them, was a turning point in my life. It is always fascinating to see how an animal can self-medicate with essential oils, plant extracts, herbs and macerated oils. Allowing them to self-select what they want and in the way that is best for […]

Dogs get hayfever too – Top 5 practical and holistic ways to help reduce the symptoms of canine hayfever and canine atopy

Some dogs are prone to hayfever just like humans. If you notice that your dog is sneezing, scratching more vigorously than usual, has runny eyes or nose, is rubbing their face on the carpet or furniture or is chewing at their paws, there is a good chance that they are being affected by allergens. Pollens […]