Animal Past Lives

Past life healing for animals explores whether they have "been here before", what lifetimes an animal may have previously lived and how these past lifetimes may be impacting on them in their current lifetime.

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Past Life Exploration

Animals are really open to sharing their past life experiences as a part of their healing journey. Many animals I help, have lived a great many lifetimes and accumulated a great deal of soul wisdom.

These past life experiences may echo through to their current lifetime. In my experience this can often manifest as anxious behaviour, difficulty settling in to their new life here and now and issues around building relationships with people or other animals. 

Past life healing helps to clear and resolve any past lives that may be causing a problem in this lifetime, as well as bringing through the gifts and confidence from past lives, so your animal can be more settled and feel more secure.

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New Souls

Sometimes I encounter "new souls". These very special animals are here on Earth having their first lifetime experiences. They often need extra support and understanding to help them to adapt to living in this world.

Imagine, if you had no previous experience of meeting people or other animals and how overwhelming it could be! It's a beautiful experience to help an animal like this to have a wonderful 1st time experience. Past life healing can help them to feel more secure and confident.

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