1:1 Past Lives and Animals Training

As an experienced Transformational Bodywork Practitioner, I have found that exploring past lives holds many clues to emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing for both people and animals. We can carry the memory of past lives subconsciously and unconsciously and yet find that we are being affected by them in our current lifetime.

This workshop helps you to explore your own past lives and those of the animals close to you, as well as any past lives you may have shared together. The benefits are an increased understanding of yourself, of your animals and the relationship you have with your animals. Past life exploration can help you to access a deeper connection to yourself and your animals, establish a new level of inner peace and help to clear any patterns of behaviour that are echoing down to you and your animals from past life experiences.

This bespoke past life training is suitable for anyone, from complete beginners in healing work, to those who are already healers and intuitives, wishing to develop their knowledge of past lives and animal healing.

The beauty of this 1:1 training, is that I can help you to open up to your intuition, help you to tune into past lives, help you to learn the ways in which you receive and experience messages and give you the confidence to start exploring past lives for your personal growth and to connect on this level with the animals you love.

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What this training package includes:-

• 1:1 Animal Past Life and Animals Training with Internationally respected Animal Healer, Animal Communicator and Transformational Bodywork Practitioner Susannah Rafelle.
• Tailored to your own specific needs, to help you to access past lives that you and your animals have lived and to receive guidance on healing any areas that would benefit from healing.
• Learning about past lives.
• Experiencing some of the past lives you have lived and finding the knowledge and gifts that can help you in this lifetime.
• Exploring the past lives of special animals in your life.
• Understanding of the connections and relationships you have with your pets and other animals.
• Healing of past life issues for yourself and animals through compassion and understanding.
• 2x 2 hour intensive Zoom training sessions.
• Zoom recording of the sessions.
• 2 weeks of email support during working hours, following on from your 2nd session (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)
• 30 minute discovery call before you start, to discuss what you would like to learn from your training and how I can help you to achieve this.
• Only £444 payable in advance.
• Book the times that work for you. I recommend that you have your 2 sessions on consecutive days for maximum momentum.

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