Transformational Bodywork – Energy Healing sessions tailor made for you

Transformational Bodywork energy healing is extremely high vibrationally and is therefore very powerful. It helps people to reconnect to Source, to themselves and to their Higher Selves. Transformational Bodywork energy healing channels through healing and wisdom from Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Higher Levels of Being. This type of energy healing recognises that each person is an individual and each session is tailored to what is most needed for a person to feel whole again. It targets the areas of the mind, body, emotions and spirit that are most in need of healing and addresses issues that may stem from past lives, as well as from this lifetime.

With over 8 years experience as a fully qualified Transformational Bodywork Practitioner you can be certain that you will be in safe hands.

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What you might experience during a Transformational Bodywork Energy Healing session

  • Chakra healing, balancing and re-alignment.
  • Aura healing, repairing and clearing.
  • Attunements from the Angelic realm, Higher Levels of Self and Ascended Masters.
  • Raising of vibration to enable you to feel more connected to yourself, to increase a feeling of wholeness and to allow you to take on higher energies.
  • Soul retrieval.
  • Channelled messages bringing insights, guidance and wisdom.
  • Past life release.
  • Grounding and protection to help you to let go of heavy energies and to keep your own energy field energised and protected.
  • Removal of disturbances in your energy field, such as attachments or implants.
  • Psychic surgery.
  • Space clearing. 

What to expect from your Transformational Bodywork Energy Healing session

  • Distance healing session either via video link or remotely, where I tune in and then send healing notes after the session.
  • Sessions last approximately one hour.
  • I channel Transformational Bodywork Healing energy and send this to you.
  • You may feel sensations such as warmth, cold or tingling while the healing is taking place.
  • I will provide you with full feedback of what I am sensing, either during the healing (on video link) or at the end of the session.
  • Your session is completely confidential and you are free to share with me anything that you have experienced during your healing session.
  • It is not unusual for you to fall asleep and to feel extremely relaxed both during and after Transformational Bodywork healing, which is why a distance session where you are at home, can be so beneficial.
  • The price of a one hour distance Transformational Bodywork Energy Healing session is £88.  

Transformational Bodywork Energy Healing and traditional medical care

Transformational Bodywork energy healing is not intended to be a replacement for the care you receive from your doctor. A doctor should always be your first port of call when you are worried about your health, or the health of a loved one.

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