Animal Communication – Healing through listening and understanding
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Do you often wonder what your animal is thinking or feeling? Perhaps they have an issue or repeated behaviour that affects them and you would like to get to the root of the problem? Animal Communication can help to enhance the relationship that you have with your pet, by unlocking some of these “unspoken” feelings, thoughts or fears. Messages from your animal may come through when I tune into their wavelength. These messages may take the form of images, words, emotions, sounds, smells or a combination of sensations. It may even appear as a replay of a moment in your pet’s life.

You can help your pet by choosing to listen to what they have to say about their past or present experiences. It can enable you to develop a greater understanding, that in turn can lead to improved wellbeing for your animal and a reduction of unwanted or fearful behaviours. During an Animal Communication session, your animal may indicate to me that they would also like to receive Reiki or Transformational Bodywork healing and this can be easily incorporated as part of their session. I also work with Animal Communication to connect with pets who have passed over.


Ways in which Animal Communication may help you and your pet

  • Listening to an animal’s individual needs with compassion and communicating these needs to the owner.
  • Improving the relationship and enhancing the bond between owner and pet.
  • Attunements to enable owners to connect more deeply with their pets.
  • Improving relationships between pets.Animal Communication _ Animal Communicator Bournemouth, Dorset, New Forest, Hampshire, Wiltshire - Self Selection For Animals (4)
  • Addressing behavioural issues and those affecting general wellbeing.
  • Soothing fears and acknowledging emotional triggers.
  • Helping an animal settle into a new home or other similar life changes affecting your pet.
  • Allowing your pet the opportunity to request healing for themselves.
  • End of life support.
  • Connecting with pets who have passed over.
  • Animal Communication works equally effectively from a distance, which is very beneficial for those animals who dislike or fear direct human contact, or those who live further away.
  • Suitable for all animals from domestic and exotic pets, to horses and farm animals.


What to expect from an Animal Communication sessionAnimal Communicator Bournemouth, Dorset, New Forest, Hampshire, Wiltshire - Self Selection For Animals for your animal

  • Home or yard visit at a quiet and convenient time to ensure that your animal is as relaxed as possible.
  • Sessions last approximately one hour.
  • I will tune in to your animal to ensure that communication and healing is accepted and desired. An animal often indicates that they are happy to interact, by either approaching me or by becoming sleepy and relaxed.
  • I will work intuitively with your animal, allowing them to express themselves and also allowing them to guide their own healing.
  • I will provide you with feedback throughout the session.
  • There will be an opportunity for discussion at the end of the session.
  • Alternatively, Animal Communication from a distance is available for all animals. Owners are contacted via email or Skype.


What about Veterinary care?

Animal Communication is not intended to be a replacement for veterinary care and advice. A vet should always be your first port of call when you are worried about the health of your pet. Please check with your vet that they are happy for your animal to have an Animal Communication session that may include Reiki or Transformational Bodywork, before contacting me to make to make an appointment.