Project Description

Pet attunement with animal totem, Animal Healer Bournemouth, Dorset, Hampshire, New Forest, UK Self Selection For Animals, Photo copyright Kristin Ann WielandIt was such a pleasure to meet a cat called Smeg in person on 25th Feb 2017, when his owner Charlotte brought him along to experience a Pet Attunement with Animal Totem. Smeg had been causing Charlotte concern by biting her without any warning and she was worried that he must be unhappy to be behaving in this way. This behaviour started after Charlotte lost her beloved boxer dog Bruce in October 2016.

I have recently been guided to start attuning owners to their pet’s energy, prompted by the pet themselves. The pet attunement helps to align and balance energies between pet and owner, bringing greater understanding, clarity and also the potential of opening up and expanding communication between them.

As this new healing practice has developed, I have been guided to work alongside intuitive artist Kristin Wieland, who collaborates with me on some of the attunements to draw the energy and produce an Animal Totem for the pet. The totem expresses the pet’s energies, contains messages for the pet and their owner, brings information from the pet for their owner as well as bringing deep healing for the relationship.

Smeg’s session began with him having the freedom to roam around the consultation room. He explored the floor and then the table where Kristin’s pens and papers were set out. I asked for grounding and protection for all those present and I was then prompted to start Charlotte’s attunement to Smeg’s energies. I took her hands and placed them in prayer position. When the pet attunement came through me, I placed my thumb on Charlotte’s third eye to transfer Smeg’s energy and messages to her.

The healing energies came through very intensely for Kristin’s drawing, right from the start. I was aware of Smeg investigating what Kristin was doing and even rubbing himself on the totem she was drawing for him. Smeg was curious about what Kristin was doing, but was holding back from approaching me. I find that this is quite normal for an animal when they are given the opportunity to receive healing. I energetically take a few steps back and invite an animal to join me.

Smeg paused and sat down on the other side of the table from me. I tuned in to him and waited for guidance. Then healing flooded in as Smeg accepted the help being offered. As he sat, I remotely attuned him to the energies of Apollo and Archangel Gabriel. These Higher Beings came forward to support Smeg, to raise his vibration and to help him feel more confident in communicating his needs.

Smeg got up, walked across the table to where I was standing and hopped down onto the chair I had vacated. He was ready for healing and indicated this to all of us, by moving himself into position, guiding me to where he most needed healing. He placed his right hip into my hand and after a while, he turned around and placed his left hip into my hand.

Smeg gradually became more settled, sitting and then lying with his paws tucked under him. The healing flooded to his solar plexus chakra, helping to boost his confidence and his sense of his place in the world. It also went to his sacral chakra, aiding flow in all areas of his life and helping him to feel safe.

Physically and emotionally, Smeg needed a lot of healing for his hips. He showed me himself trapped inside the fridge he had been found in. He relived the trauma with the support of healing. He had experienced panic, desperation and hopelessness during his long confinement.

He needed to be able to express this to Charlotte. What it meant to him to finally be heard and found and loved. Why he feels unsure of how to show her love. Smeg communicated that he had been unsure of quite how he fitted into the life he was leading. He needed close contact to the healing energies flowing through my hands to be able to release.

Smeg then guided me to send healing to his base chakra by sitting directly on my hand. He also wanted healing to his stomach area and he gradually stretched out, relaxed and allowed for the healing he needed to take place.

The pet attunement that came through for Charlotte from Smeg, contained vivid images. There was a swallow with a red heart on his chest, representing a wild freedom. The sun coming out from behind a cloud. Many affirmations of love flowed through for them both. Smeg was able to express his love for Charlotte and his joy at being a part of her life. He communicated that with Bruce’s passing, he now feels confident enough to share his fears with Charlotte.

I felt that Smeg had turned a corner during his session, as he displayed more and more trust in the process and was able to relax fully. The healing that came through for him from his animal totem that Kristin was drawing, together with the healing messages Kristin conveyed verbally for Smeg and Charlotte, took the pet attunemet to a whole new level.

Smeg’s totem was strikingly powerful, giving the sense of breaking free and being propelled forwards, together with strength and passion. As Smeg’s session came to a close, he curled up as close as he could get to his Animal Totem and slept for a long spell of time, upside down!

Charlotte very soon reported that Smeg had stopped biting her and seemed much happier. This is what she had to say about Smeg’s healing experience:

Susannah Rafelle and Kristin Wieland this boy is now a very happy cat after seeing you both for his pet attunement/totem reading. He has stopped biting me! This only started after Bruce’s passing and I think he felt he had to test me because he thought I would get rid of him or not love him anymore. After the healing he was able to express himself but also to understand he was not going anywhere! He is now a happy, contented boy.