Project Description

Jessie was a dog with a fear of fireworks. She was able to help herself by self-selecting her own natural remedies inHealing for Dogs - Dog with a fear of fireworks relaxing after an Applied Zoopharmacognosy session. Applied Zoopharmacognosy and animal healer Bournemouth, Dorset, Hamphire, New Forest and Wiltshire (copyright Self Selection For Animals) an Applied Zoopharmacognosy session. She had already relaxed at the start of her session with Rose and Jasmine essential oils. She then went on to display very interesting behaviours in response to the other essential oils that I offered her for fear.

Linden Blossom is a remedy that is often popular with animals who are fearful and those who have experienced upsets and traumas. Jessie chose not to approach this bottle at first. She lay down on the other side of the room and became very sleepy, although she was trying to stay awake. She whimpered and sighed. She hid her face between her paws, but was still looking at the bottle out of the corner of her eye. This was the clue for me to be patient and wait, as Jessie’s reaction suggested that she would find benefit from the Linden Blossom, but that she needed time to think it over first, before choosing to inhale it more closely.

Then, something changed and Jessie climbed on to her owner’s lap. In between inhalations of Linden Blossom, she licked her owner’s face! This was such a wonderful moment to witness. She gave a big yawn and settled down. Her owner re-offered Linden Blossom and Jessie was keen to lick a drop. She wanted more oil stroked over her head and chest. She became very affectionate, pressing her face against her owner’s face and neck. It was as if she were a puppy again, seeking affection and reassurance. I re-offered Rose Otto to assist with the release of past trauma and any unwanted memories and Jessie climbed onto my lap and fell asleep.

When Jessie woke up, she sat on the sofa next to me, looking to see what was coming next. I offered her Violet Leaf which can help an animal to cope with frightening situations and can also help an animal who anticipates a bad experience based on past experiences. I also hoped that it would comfort her heart and soothe the restless behaviour she displays when she’s frightened by fireworks. Jessie inhaled with interest and also wanted the oil to be stroked along the length of her spine. She returned to her owner for more cuddles and climbed up onto the back of the sofa, so she could press her face against her owner’s cheek. She repeatedly inhaled from the bottle and then licked her owner’s face.

I offered Vetiver for its calming and comforting effects. Jessie was still on the back of the sofa and she came along the back of it to sniff intently at the bottle. She licked my face. She lay down close to the bottle, with her paws on my shoulder and her body along the sofa back. She inhaled and gave a big yawn, then inhaled again, repeatedly. I then offered Valerian for its ability to ease tension and anxiety and to offer deep relaxation. Jessie was still leaning on my shoulder. She took a long concentrated sniff from the bottle and licked her lips. She inhaled deeply three more times and became very sleepy.

Jessie’s favourite oils, Rose Otto, Linden Blossom, Valerian, Violet Leaf and Vetiver, were left in dilution, so that her owner could continue to offer them each evening in the build up to Bonfire night. Jessie found benefit from these oils almost immediately. A few nights later, fireworks were set off close to the house, waking the household. Jessie reacted in panic. Jessie’s owner offered her the first essential oil that came to hand, which was Rose Otto. Jessie wanted it applied topically to her chest. She got back onto her bed and her owner dripped Rose Otto around where she was lying. Jessie immediately settled down and went back to sleep. This was a wonderful reaction, as normally, Jessie would pace anxiously for several hours after the fireworks had frightened her.

A few days later, shortly after Jessie had inhaled and licked her favourite oils, she was let out into the garden and a distant firework was heard. Jessie gave a tiny woof and stayed where she was. This was a big improvement, as her normal response would be to rush to the bottom of the garden, barking hysterically, before rushing back indoors. There were other noticeable improvements in her behaviour as well. Jessie visited the vet and her owner commented on how much calmer she was than normal. On a walk, Jessie encountered children on scooters, which would normally scare her, prompting barking and running away. This time, she calmly ignored them! The same evening, three loud firework bangs were heard nearby and Jessie took no notice. She also ignored distant fireworks, heard when she was in the garden.

During Bonfire Night itself, Jessie coped much better with the firework displays than she previously had. Loud and prolonged fireworks still made her very anxious. However, her owner found that by encouraging her to inhale Rose Otto, Valerian, Linden Blossom, Violet Leaf and Vetiver, she could persuade her to settle on her bed. Jessie’s owner would then offer a topical application of whichever oil she seemed keenest on and also drip this onto her bed. Jessie would then relax enough to go to sleep. Her owner is really pleased to see such an improvement and Jessie continues to be generally calmer and to ignore skateboards, noisy children and scooters, making for much happier walks in the park!