Project Description

Jessie was a dog with a fear of fireworks. When she heard them she paced anxiously for hours on end and there wasHealing for Dogs. A dog with a fear of fireworks is helped with Applied Zoopharmacognosy Practitioner and animal healer Bournemouth, Dorset, Hampshire, New Forest and Wiltshire (copyright Self Selection For Animals) (3) nothing her owner could do to pacify her. She roamed restlessly, looking for a hiding place, but nowhere suited her. She panted and became overheated and was clearly very stressed. Sometimes she barked hysterically, only to rush away in fear. It was very distressing for Jessie and her owner, especially as they lived close to a field where regular firework displays were held.

Jessie reacted with excessive fear at other times too, running away from loud noises or noisy children and barking at passing scooters or skateboards. With Bonfire night approaching Jessie’s owner was keen to see if Applied Zoopharmacognosy could help Jessie to cope better, with the additional hope that her other fear issues may be helped.

During our two hour session together, I approached the problems Jessie faced by offering her a selection of essential oils and plant extracts that have been frequently self-selected by other animals with the same or similar fears. These fears may have evolved from a past bad experience or been sparked by an event that an animal found traumatic. In Jessie’s case, her reaction to fireworks and other loud noises indicates a need to both defend herself by barking, but at the same time protect herself by running away. Many of us may have witnessed this ‘fight or flight’ response in our own animals.

Jessie’s owner was with her throughout the session, offering Jessie emotional and physical support, whilst also learning how to offer the oils herself, so that she could continue to help her dog in overcoming her fears in the following weeks. Jessie reacted in a positive way to Rose Absolute and Rose Otto. She inhaled from the bottles, yawning and becoming very sleepy. She then inhaled Jasmine absolute and she gave a little squeak and lay down. These oils are often popular initial remedies for dogs in an Applied Zoopharmacognosy session. However, her reactions to the oils that followed, were more unusual and extremely interesting, displaying the sort of submissive behaviour a puppy might show when around it’s mother. Jessie interacted closely with the oils and with her owner and myself, allowing us to witness her emotional releases and support her while she expressed them.

Find out how Jessie improved in part 2 of her Healing Story.