Project Description

Many of us are now aware of bee communication and the fantastic Hive Bee Communication and health. Animal Communicator, Animal Healer Bournemouth, Dorset, New Forest, Hampshire, Wiltshire. photo copyright Self Selection For Animalsinstallation at Kew Gardens in London, has offered people the opportunity to hear how bees communicate with one another. But, what if I told you that it was possible to help people to really understand what the bees were saying?

This summer, I have been encouraged to expand my Animal Communication, to connect with smaller creatures than I have before. Bees were the first smaller animals keen to communicate with me. This proved to be very important for a newly established beekeeper called Kristin, who was visiting Glastonbury in the UK from her home in the USA. When she told me that she was worried about how her new colony of bees would be reacting to her leaving them for a few weeks, I was immediately aware of a young, gentle energy connecting with my heart….her bees!

I had a very clear insight at that moment, “I am going to attune Kristin to her bees.” The thought of bee communication had me buzzing on many levels and luckily Kristin was equally enthusiastic!

As luck would have it, we were staying at Abbey House in Glastonbury, where there are resident bees living in hives in the beautiful gardens. This was the perfect place to connect Kristin to her own beehive in Iowa. I tuned in to Kristin’s bees and asked for us to have an open line of communication with her queen and all the bees in the colony.

A bee messenger named Gallagher, came forward energetically as spokesbee for the hive, supported by the God Apollo. Their energies were attuned with Kristin’s, raising her vibration so that she could feel and hear her bees communicate. The energy was extraordinary and as the energy increased, the bees began to emerge from the hives beside us and fly straight up into the sky.

Kristin’s Queen Bee stepped forward to communicate with Kristin, introducing herself as ‘Queen Matilda’. She reassured Kristin that the bees understood that she was in the UK to learn more about healing and beekeeping and that the knowledge she brought back would benefit her hive and the hives of her friends. Queen Matilda was able to answer Kristin’s questions about what her bees needed for their wellbeing, including a list of plants, essential oils and crystals the bees would like in their environment.

Gallagher and Queen Matilda explained that bee communication for Kristin’s ears, would be heard as a low vibrational hum, which could be turned down if needed. This would be louder and more high pitched when the bees needed something. It was at this stage that Kristin and I realised that I was also receiving a bee attunement, so that they could call on me for help, as and when they needed it. As the bee attunement came to an end, I saw a line of bees in my mind’s eye, waggling their bottoms at Kristin. Apparently, bees do this when they are very happy!

In essence a bee communication channel was set up for Kristin. On her return to the USA she was delighted to find that her bees had very quickly established a thriving colony, far more quickly than she had expected. Since her attunement, she feels better able to provide what her bees need. Kristin and her mentor, who has also now been attuned to his bees, are setting up holistic methods for beekeeping to help reduce the stress levels of their bees and to help them to be happy, healthy and productive in their colonies. This has important implications for helping bees worldwide, when they are so sadly in decline in many areas of the world.

Kristin says, “Thank you to Self Selection For Animals…Susannah. Your attunement to my bees has really helped us to bond and work easily together, we seem to all be thriving. This attunement and healing has changed my life as well as my bees and I am so pleased!”