A pet attunement with animal totem is a very special way of commemorating and honouring the relationship you have with your pet, living or across the rainbow bridge. I am guided to attune you to your pet’s energy which comes through with healing and messages for you both. Intuitive artist Kristin Wieland of Tango Healing Arts draws the energy of the connection, expressing it as an Animal Totem with depths and layers of meaning within the images, symbols and angelic text. The pet attunement and animal totem together bring in guidance about soul path, life purpose and talents to develop.

Pet Attunement Animal Totem copyright Tango Healing Arts Kristin Wieland Self Selection For Animals

Here is Kristin creating an Animal Totem to help you to see and feel what the experience will be like. Kristin says, “So pleased to present the first few art fusion pet attunements in collaboration with Self Selection For Animals. A beautiful experience where a client is attuned to the energy of their pet (even those who have passed over) and weave an even stronger and more meaningful connection together and the energy of the process is drawn in an intuitive art reading. Honored to work with such a talented healer.”

This is what one of our clients had to say about her experience;

“It was a beautiful and powerful session and I will keep you up to date with the longer term developments that come out of this. Both Susannah and Kristin were fantastic and I highly recommend their services – who could turn down being closer to their pets and a stunning picture too! Thank you both x”