Animal Communication and Healing for Snakes – Leo a nervous snake


Leo was a snake who was very jumpy and nervous about being handled or approached by his owners. He had a particular fear of being in his vivarium. He had come to his new owners as an adult python, from a home where he had lived most of his life in total confinement, in a small and bare vivarium, with nowhere for him to hide away. Consequently, when he arrived at his new home, he became very alarmed […]

Reiki Healing for Guinea Pigs – Kurt’s story


Reiki healing for guinea pigs? Yes, they really love this gentle healing energy! The thought may be making you smile, but have you considered that size is no barrier to feeling? That our smaller pets experience a range of emotions and feelings that we may only attribute to larger domestic pets? Offering healing to guinea pigs has taught me that smaller animals are extremely sensitive to the world around them and that they really benefit from being given the […]

Healing for Dogs – Jessie a dog with a fear of fireworks part 2


Jessie was a dog with a fear of fireworks. She was able to help herself by self-selecting her own natural remedies in an Applied Zoopharmacognosy session. She had already relaxed at the start of her session with Rose and Jasmine essential oils. She then went on to display very interesting behaviours in response to the other essential oils that I offered her for fear.

Linden Blossom is a remedy that is often popular with animals who are fearful and […]

Healing for Dogs – Jessie a dog with a fear of fireworks part 1


Jessie was a dog with a fear of fireworks. When she heard them she paced anxiously for hours on end and there was nothing her owner could do to pacify her. She roamed restlessly, looking for a hiding place, but nowhere suited her. She panted and became overheated and was clearly very stressed. Sometimes she barked hysterically, only to rush away in fear. It was very distressing for Jessie and her owner, especially as they lived close to a field where […]

Healing for Dogs – Merlin a rescue dog with gunshot wounds part 2


Merlin, a rescue dog who had suffered neglect, abandonment and life threatening gunshot wounds, was responding incredibly well to his Applied Zoopharmacognosy sessions. The sessions were providing him with the opportunity to self-select natural plant extracts, including essential oils, that offered him emotional support as he adjusted to his new home, restoring his trust in people and starting his recovery to full health.

Merlin was soon able to successfully self-select his own natural medicines for his physical problems as […]