What is Distance Healing?

Healing can be sent over long distances. I can send distance healing to you, a loved one or a pet, by tuning into thcanstockphoto7009181e person or animal and setting the intention of sending healing to them. Having a photograph can often be a helpful way for me to tune in. While the healing is taking place I usually receive information and sensations that I can share with you at the end of the session. I initially tune in to check that the recipient is happy to receive healing. If they are unsure in any way, then the healing energies can be redirected to the situation surrounding the recipient, rather than directly to the individual themselves. This can help to support the general health and wellbeing of the person or animal by sending healing to their environment or to a situation that is troubling them.

Distance healing is available via Skype or email in the UK and worldwide. I will arrange an appointment time with you for the healing to take place and we will discuss what you would like help with at the start of the appointment. I will provide you with feedback at the end of your healing session and you will also have the opportunity to share anything you have experienced while the healing was taking place. Distance healing is also known as distant or absent healing.


Types of Distance Healing availablecanstockphoto19313534


Who may benefit from Distance Healing?

  • People or animals who live too far away for a face to face healing session.
  • People or animals who are too unwell for a face to face visit, including those who are hospitalised.
  • Distance healing can be very helpful in supporting people with conditions such as dementia or alzheimer’s, where meeting someone new could be unsettling or confusing.
  • Distance healing can be used to help animals who are traumatised and those who fear human contact.
  • Animals that are away from their families and home environments, for example when they are in boarding kennels.
  • Animals with aggression issues.
  • Wild animals or exotic pets that cannot be safely handled.


What about traditional medical help from a Doctor or Vet?

Distance healing is not intended to replace the care you would receive from your doctor or that your animal would receive from a vet. If you are at all concerned about your health, the health of a loved one or the health of your pet, please contact your GP or your animal’s veterinary surgeon as your first port of call.


Please be aware that Self Selection For Animals and their practitioners do not guarantee miraculous recoveries, do not provide directions only guidance and that it is each individual’s responsibility to make their own decisions based on the information received during sessions and consultations.

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