“Self Selection For Animals is dedicated to helping all animals large or small and to helping and supporting people through life’s challenges.”


Healing for Animals

I have loved animals all my life and as an owner I Susannah Rafelle and Tom the Terrier - Self Selection For Animals - Animal Healer, Animal Communicator, Dorset, Hampshire, New Forest, UK photograph Copyright Steve Bardensunderstand just how distressing it can be when the friend in your life is unhappy or unwell.

When my beloved 32 year old horse, Amy, became very lame with arthritis in 2010, I went looking for a solution and this led me to train at the Ingraham Academy of Zoopharmacognosy (IAZ). This was the start of a wonderful journey of discovery and to the realisation that we can help our animals by giving them the opportunity to heal themselves, via the process of self-selection.

Amy was greatly helped by her self-selections of essential oils and also by Reiki healing. She lived to be 35 1/2 years old! Without the help of Applied Zoopharmacognosy and Reiki, I would have missed out on the extra time I had with her. If you would like to read Amy’s story please see her Healing Story, “Amy a horse with arthritis”.

As a consequence of this experience I was inspired to continue my studies at the IAZ, achieving a Double Diploma in Applied Zoopharmacognosy, qualifying me to work with all species of animals. I continue to be amazed by all the animals that I work with and I aim to share their stories and the benefits of self-selection with as many owners as possible. I am delighted that Caroline Ingraham, founder of the IAZ has decided to use 5 of my case studies in her new book How Animals Heal Themselves, as it helps to illustrate just how amazing animals are at knowing what they need.

Animal Communication is a natural ability that has been gradually developing since I was a child. It has become much stronger as a result of my Reiki and Applied Zoopharmacognosy training, as I have instinctively worked more and more intuitively with the animals I am helping. My recent training in Transformational Bodywork has greatly enhanced and attuned my abilities to communicate with animals and to receive clear messages in the form of words, feelings, images, smells and sensations. This is such an exciting healing option, because I am passionate about allowing animals to guide their own healing. By asking them what is troubling them and then listening compassionately to what they have to say, I have been witnessing some wonderful changes in wellbeing and behaviour, as healing takes place. I am constantly developing in this area and now offer Pet Attunements to help the relationship between pets and their guardians.Applied Zoopharmacognosy, Reiki, Energy Healer, Animal healer Bournemouth, Dorset, New Forest, Hampshire, Wiltshire photo copyright Self Selection For Animals

Transformational Bodywork Healing for Animals is another new and very exciting addition to the healing sessions that I offer. It offers so many healing opportunities, from aura and chakra healing, to channeling messages or addressing issues that may stem from a past life. It is proving to be extremely popular with many different species of animals, including horses, dogs, cats and even snakes.

Healing for People

Reiki has also been such a blessing in my life. I discovered Reiki in 2011 when my Grandad was diagnosed with vascular dementia, a devastating disease for both the sufferer and their family. This ancient healing energy brought peace and support for us all. I went on to study Reiki to Master Teacher level and I enjoy helping people and animals with this wonderfully powerful, yet gentle healing energy. It’s an honour to be able to teach and pass on Reiki to my students.

My new qualification in Transformational Bodywork Energy Healing brings many exciting healing options to the fore. The sessions are individually tailored to offer each person the healing that they really need. People may receive healing, attunements and channelled messages from Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters, helping them to reconnect to who they really are, raising their vibration and helping them to live the life they really want to live.

More about me

In my spare time I enjoy volunteering to offer Dog Assisted Therapy to dementia sufferers on behalf of Caring Canines and also helping to raise awareness and funds for this wonderful charity. I also love to spend as much time as possible with all the animals in my life. I continue to study different methods of healing and love attending workshops, as well as meditation and intuitive healing groups.

I very much enjoy teaching and running my own workshops and giving talks about healing for animals. I am excited to be offering mentoring sessions for those who wish to expand their understanding of healing, enlightenment energies and connecting with animals.

Please see the Healing Stories for some remarkable insights into healing, for animals and people. I hope they inspire you.

Susannah Rafelle IAZ DIP, Reiki Master and Teacher, Transformational Bodywork Practitioner, Animal Communicator, Pet Attunement Specialist.